Barre Chords Lesson_ Power Chords Lesson_ Learn Any Chord Up And Down The Fretboard by aihaozhe2


									I can't tell you how mad I was when I finally started to learn barre chords and power
chords. I was mad because it had taken me two years to do it since starting to play
guitar. I was mad because I found out just how easy it was. I was mad because I could
have sounded that much better so much sooner.

Don't do what I did. Check out my free guitar lesson on barre chords and power
chords. It's a real simple layout just go through the entire lesson and practice it every
day. This is worth your time it will completely transform the way you sound. People
will want you to play for them. People will be impressed when they hear you play.

The idea is pretty simple. You learn the major and minor chord shapes then you can
find any major or minor chord up and down the fretboard. Barre chords and power
chords are actually easier to learn that most open chords. The shapes are easy to
remember and give you instant access to any chord you want to play.

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