Bakugan Toys One Of The Top Toys In Christmas 2008 by aihaozhe2


									When it comes to being a parent there are few things in life that are as important then
making sure that the right presents arrive in time for your childs Christmas.

This year it would appear that as far as Boys are concerned the hot items consist of
(amongst others) the following: The Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet, Ben 10
Toys, U-Dance and for Girls the selection would include Elmo Live, FurReal Friends
Biscuit and the Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker.

The Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet is a helmet that kids can wear that looks
like a Star Wars Trooper Helmet. This makes the play action that kids love when it
comes to this sort of thing that extra specially realistic. The best thing about the whole
thing is that it specially modifies the wearers own voice so that they sound like a Star
Wars Clone Trooper.
Following on from the Star Wars Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet one of the
other popular toys this Christmas is going to be some more toys from Ben 10. The
Ben 10 toys are exactly what they sound like in that they are action figures from the
wildly popular Ben 10 TV series. With Omnitrix, Alien Creation Chamber and many
action figures from within the series the Ben 10 Toys are incredibly popular amongst
the younger boys.

U-Dance has been described as a fun game that enables its users to dance along with
dance steps to various songs. The better you can keep up with the dance steps, the
more points you score.

As far as girls are concerned the first toy that we will take a look at is Elmo Live.
Elmo Live is a great toy for young girls encouraging compassion and attentiveness on
behalf of whoever is playing with Elmo. The thing about the new Elmo is that it is
much more responsive than ever before, this Elmo toy has a wide range of reactions to
whatever children might do to him.

In a similar vein, FurReal Friends Biscuit is an adorable puppy from the FurReal
Friends line of soft toys. These are ideal for the more tactile child and are great just to
hold or to cuddle. Biscuit loves to be pet, stroked and cuddled and responds to various
commands making him closer to a real puppy than a stuffed animal. The added bonus
here is that Biscuit wont either leave a mess in the utility room overnight or chew his
way through all of your Broadband or Hi Fi Cables - a real boon!

Lastly the Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker is a genuine cupcake maker to please the
budding bakers and cooks out there. Coming with different kinds of frosting, cake and
other adornments, this is an easy to use toy that will encourage any young girl
regarding their baking or cookery skills.

The thing is that probably there has never been a wider and more varied selection of
toys available for children before and to get these toys at the best possible prices it
always pays to shop around and look inj as many places online as you can.

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