Avoid These While Posing For Your Model Portfolio Shoot_

					You should be careful to avoid some of your improper posing habits if you are keen to
make your model portfolios shoot great. The first and primary thing in this area is an
improper body language. Your body language and expressions are developed over a
period of time and they might have become your habit and part of nature. Hence,
there may be some asymmetry in what you project and what the photographer wants.
You should look natural in your pose. So you should not feel tense and should not
hold your breath. Stay relaxed and natural. If so, your photo will look you were in that
way when the photographer walked by your place.

Another thing you should avoid while posing for your model portfolios shoot is you
should not keep your limbs and body deliberately stiff. In a natural and relaxed mood
the body will not be stiff. Let your arms, legs, head etc. bend in the natural way to get
the relaxed and informal look. Another aspect you should bear in mind is to avoid that
evergreen, ever-ready smile before a photo shoot. You can have different facial
expressions in tune with the pose and themes you convey. You could be serious,
simple, funny, laughing, or in any manner it expresses your naturalness in the pose.
The photographer could be your guide in these matters. Your attention and eye-focus
need not be direct to the camera. Let there be variety in the snaps where you look at.
When you cut your eyes to the left or right, you create an air of mystery. But if you
look up and away, you will look annoyed. To get that sexy look, tilt your chin slightly
down and look straight.

There are a few more things you should avoid while posing for your model portfolios
shoot. Avoid paying attention to the snap and rather have the feel of your expression
and body language. Dont stick to some stereotype poses and themes. Better try new
ones. Apply your thought and imagination and grasp new essentials. Visualize new
themes and ideas. Avoid judging your accomplishment by looking in the snaps. Dont
overestimate or underestimate your looks in the snaps. Rather, try to find any defects
and the areas of improvement. Work upon for improvement. Avoid being confined to
your region only. Keep abreast of the nature of modeling and posing that are the latest
in development in the modeling field in the international scene. Keep your senses
open to absorb and assimilate any new ideas that may come from any quarter through
any media.

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