Auto Salvage New York City by aihaozhe2


									If you have an old car that you need to get rid of, the decision about what type of auto
salvage business or charity to approach depends on what your goals are.

Most people are looking to get the most money possible for their old car. If that's the
case, we are one of the largest auto salvage companies in the country and as such, can
get you the most for your car. Just call one of our buyers and get a quick price right on
the phone. We're confident that we're able to offer the most cash possible for your
junk car than anyone else in the business.

If you're interested in contributing to a charity or ensuring that your junk car is
disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, you need to look no further than
Junkacar. If you want to donate your car, we send all of our donations to Food on
Wheels. The vast majority of your junk car donations generate $100-$250 for the
charity through a contract with our auto salvage business.

If you are most concerned with the environmental impact that you salvage car makes,
you need to be wary. While many auto salvage businesses call themselves auto
recyclers, the reality is that there are very few truly environmentally focused
organizations. The trend is new, focused on the two coasts, and some even charge for
the removal of junk cars. Ask how the fluids in the car are handled, ask what happens
to the heavy metals in your car, and ask what percentage of your car will actually be
recycled vs. end up in a landfill.

The auto salvage business is a multi-billion dollar industry and includes many

 Used auto parts suppliers are auto salvage companies that buy old cars and remove
all of the spare parts for resale.
 Steel recyclers are normally driven by auto salvage.
 Car recyclers are the new breed of the salvage industry, some are even non-profits,
and they pay a lot more attention to the Green impact of the cars they take in.
 Most towing companies are at least somewhat reliant on the salvage business to pay
the bills.
 While a few car donation charities fix up cars for people in need, the vast majority
are really just suppliers for traditional auto salvage businesses.
While we're not a charity, we have been in the auto salvage industry for decades, and
we pride ourselves on the ability to both offer the most cash possible and to dispose of
junk cars in an environmentally responsible way. Please give us a call and the
opportunity to prove that we're among the best in the huge auto salvage industry.

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