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Artists Universe


									Are you an artist looking for a welcoming, innovative, and cool online community to
meet, share ideas, and just hang out? Artists Universe has all of the functionality you
are looking for as well as a community full of creative people just like you. Artists
Universe has taken the best features from other social networking sites such as live
chat, blogs, forums, and more, and tailored them to the needs of artists everywhere.
From music to dancing, painting and everything in between, no other website is
looking out for the best interest of artists everywhere than Artists Universe!

How much would you pay to surround yourself with some of the best up and coming
artists in your field? At Artists Universe, registration and use of the site is absolutely
free. The only part of the site that requires a fee is the section to post a classified ad
and to post an upcoming event; other than that, the whole site is free to use. The
founders of Artists Universe understand how difficult it can be for some artists to
make a living doing what they love. You shouldnt have to pay extra to have an online
refuge where you can share ideas, improve your skill,s and meet other happening
artists who feel the same way you do. This amazing new social networking site is here
to help you refine your skills and meet great new people.

Artists Universe is also a site where video of you doing what you do best comes alive.
When you create your own unique profile on Artists Universe, you can also upload
your own homemade videos or videos of other virtuosos that you idolize. This is your
chance to show the world what you can do. Best of all, Artists Universe is an inclusive
and welcoming space, so you dont have to worry about being flamed because you
stepped up and put yourself out there. Artists know how scary it can be to show the
world your true self, which is why this whole interactive site was created in the first
place. Artists need a place where they can feel welcomed and where they feel they can
let their creativity flow without fear of angry responses. In the very near future, Artists
Universe sees itself as the premiere online home of artists of every medium, from
amateur to expert. Come be a part of the artist revolution at the number one site for
creative people on the Internet, Artists Universe.

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