Arthur Spooner Of The King Of Queens by aihaozhe2


									The King Of Queens was a comedy that revolved around the Heffernan family. The
family consisted of Doug and Carrie Heffernan and Carrie's father, Arthur Spooner.
Arthur was often at the center of problems. Even if he wasn't, he had a way of making
any problem worse.

In the first episode of the show we see Arthur moving in with his daughter and
son-in-law because he managed to burn down his own house while using a hot plate.
This, a number of other accidents that he's at the center of and the fact that he's broke
lead to the necessity of him living with his family instead of on his own.

Arthur was a man who, over the course of his working life, had had 74 different jobs.
He'd never managed to keep any of them for more than a few weeks. This had created
in him a desire to chase after get-rich schemes. One such scheme was the creation and
marketing of the Arthur's Head screwdriver. His screwdriver was basically the same
as a Phillips-head screwdriver except that it featured a raised letter "A" instead of the
usual cross pattern. He used the letter "A" striker from an old typewriter stuck to the
end of a handle to create his new invention. He just didn't see why some guy named
Phillips should have a screwdriver named after him and Arthur shouldn't.

Many of Arthur's most entertaining lines in the show were revolved around him
making fun of his son-in-law Doug. Doug is overweight and Arthur never passes up a
chance to make fun of him for it. But it isn't just Doug he goes after. He's also willing
to make fun of himself. In regards to his own wrinkles and sags he tells Doug, "It's
called gravity, Douglas, and it's coming for ya."

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