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"No other aspect of e-business has garnered more attention than e-commerce. After all,
consumers are expected to spend roughly $130 billion online in the next four years
around the world."

United Arab Emirates is one of the leader countries in region (GCC) who established the

And below we will go in details about the most points that effect the Internet business in
UAE and the steps that supported by UAE to make the internet business in UAE people

Taking advantage of e-business is much more than simply opening up a new, online sales
channel in the local market and in the UAE government. It's about using technology to
streamline the business model, creating savings, and increasing efficiency. use.

What is Internet?
The Internet is the World Wide Web. It is a vast network of networks that electronically
connects millions of people worldwide.

The Internet was formed in 1968 when the USA funded what would become the first
global computer network. It allowed university and government engineers to research and
work from any location on the network.
In the late 1980s, the number of supercomputers was increased to 5 and access to more
networks was added. The range of sites for business, universities and governments
departments was expanded. In the year that followed more companies joined the Internet.
The hardware and communications links required were funded by private and
governments money. Growth has continued.

The web presents information through multimedia formats: graphics, sound, animation
and video. It employs several tools to provide a visual layout: hypertext, links, browser,
software and code structure.

The web resembles an electronic library, and therefore each location or web site is like a
book. Each book has a contents page that directs you to the other pages in the book as
well as to all the other books in the electronic library. These books are created using the
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Theses materials can add extensive functionality
to web pages. The web is not a network itself, like the Internet, but a set of software
programs. These programs’s can be used on many different computer networks including
the Internet and your company’s computer network.

How does Internet work
The Internet communication is made possible by the transmission control
protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) software on your computer. This software sends
information to the computer with which you are connected, which then passes it on to
other computers until it reaches the destination. TCP/IP ensures your information is
transferred quickly and reliably. The original creators of the Internet recognized the need
for a flexible addressing system powerful enough to accommodate the enormous number
of current and future users. They decided that every device on the Internet would be
given an Internet protocol (IP) address; a 32bit address format is used such as the
following work is already under way to improve TCP/IP to handle the
growth that the internet is experiencing and to meet the increasing demands for IP
addresses. Most Internet programs use the client/ server model. This mode allows a
distributed computing system in which computing tasks are divided between the server
and the client.

E-commerce is any method of doing business electronically. E-commerce is about setting
your business on the Internet, allowing visitors to access your website, and go through the

site and see your products and services online. E-commerce is not about just online stores
its about anything and everything to do with money. The method of payment is usually
via the credit card. In short, by e-commerce you can save your money and it is 24 hours-
a-day and 7 days week and there are no traffic jams and no shopping crowds and no
carrying overload heavy shopping bags. It is just more business in easy way. There are
four generally accepted types of e-commerce:
    1. Business to business (B2B)
    2. Business to Consumer (B2C)
    3. Government to Business
    4. Government to Citizen

E-business is the integration of a company’s business, including products, procedures and
services, over the Internet. E-commerce is the online component of an e-business. Many
companies have e-commerce sites but are not yet e-business. E-commerce is the online
selling component of a web site. E-business is the integration of a company’s business,
including products, procedures and services, with the Internet. You turn your company
from a business into a e-business when you integrate your sales, marketing, accounting,
manufacturing, and operation with your web site activities. An e-business uses the
Internet as a fully integrated channel for all business activities.

E-government is a Business interacting with government using interactive applications
for procurement, proposals, permit applications, inspections requests and information.
Citizens is interacting with government paying parking tickets, utility bills, filing
complaints and requesting services. Government to government transactions agencies is
interacting with agencies at multiple levels of government exchanging information.

Local e-government
The Dubai e-government initiative is to broaden its focus in order to take in expatriates
from the United Arab Emirates placed overseas, and students from the region studying
abroad. 'Intensive training has to be imparted to each and every Government department
in order to jump start the system of offering a wide range of governmental services
online. The Dubai e-Government portal currently offers a wide range of services for
visitors, residents, and businesses, including access to permit and visa renewal services,
commerce and business related facilities, and company registration and tax department

E-Business in UAE Governments and Private Sector
People today use the Internet in all fields, in industry, commerce, health, education,
politics, religion. It has covered all branches of knowledge. The Internet is very important
for business because it is fast, time saving, money saving and effort saving.
The UAE Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Dubai Chamber of
Commerce and Industry (DCCI) are exchanging views on the possibility of benefiting
from e-government initiative. DCCI will launch its new website and its services include
issuing certificates of origin, authentication of contacts, contracts, commercial disputes,
statistics, legal and legislation affairs and commercial opportunities.
Also under review, he explained, are means of linking all chambers' commercial
databases and setting up standards for them, unification of procedures and applications
forms for transactions. And that it can be able to reduce documents. DCCI has not
individually worked on developing commercial establishments files because we are
waiting for a comprehensive project with the DED through the e-government project.
Some employees can be utilized for information on and analysis of transaction data for
better procedural planning while counter employees can audit information.

Training Employees and establishing new E-rules
However, the government can educate staff for online transactions, so they can use the
latest style of modern technology to run the business in local governments. And by
establishing the stock market and some new organizations that deal with technology like

Etisalat, Private Secontor Companies (Internet City, Media City…etc) we can offer a new
jobs for the people to apply and give them opportunity to change business procedure in
UAE. And we also created a new Law to satisfy the UAE market and the business needs.

While the New Economy may not have taken off at the same rate in the UAE as in other
parts of the world, it has not suffered any contraction in this region, according to a senior
official with Comtrust, Etisalat's e-business infrastructure division.

Impact on the society
I think there are a huge potential exists for companies and organizations to successfully
enter the New Economy and thrive. This year, the UAE Switch Network operated by the
Central Bank was linked to the Comtrust e-commerce system. Through this link, the
latter will facilitate payments for purchase of goods and services through direct debit
request to be securely captured and transmitted over the Internet. "The development
represents a major step towards online payments in the country for all kinds of
transactions. We have established ourselves as a local application infrastructure provider
and have taken important steps to become a regional company.

"We see significant opportunities around the region and we look forward to working with
our government over the coming years to help Comtrust partner with major organizations
in the Middle East to realise these opportunities." The unit's dedicated e-commerce
hosting services were expanded in the last 12 months. Another strong growth area was in
online payment services where between January and November, there was an eight-fold
increase in transactions made through Comtrust services.

Steps to make Internet more common
The UAE, and particularly Dubai, have to drastically reduce access charges for digital
technologies, and so alleviate the otherwise heavy cost burden on businesses, according
to a speaker at Dubai Strategy Forum. Dubai has the technology and the bandwidth to
achieve its aims for the digital future, but the cost for these is an issue that should be

Paying the tickets and applying many forms and requisitions for the local governments an
online services in Private Sectors like Etisalat, Banks, Radio…etc.


The Internet in UAE become the most success type of communication, and the
government trying to keep this communication as the official language of the UAE
business by making people deal with this type of communication to run their normal life
(traffic investigation, Etisalat Services, E-learning….etc) and we had covered a long
distance in this field to keep the technology one main language in our life. And by
leading of the president we will be the number 1 e-country in the GCC in the next 5 years
by establishing many international Internet Companies in UAE.

                                 BIBLIOGRAPHY, 8-10-2002, 8-10-2002
E-commerce Author Ford K. Alex        Published on 2001
Business in UAE


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