Aquarius Traits And Characteristics by aihaozhe2


									Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac, is an air sign. It rules 'the cosmic waters',
meaning outer space, rays, beams, wavelengths, and frequencies. Aquarius is the
eccentric of the zodiac, insofar as it takes it's own a-centric, quirky view, which tends
to run counter to mass thinking. It likes niche groups of like-minded others, or
organizations and forums comprised of kindred spirits. It loves the spoken or written
word, and enjoys debate and bouncing fascinating ideas off others.

Aquarius rules the ankles, and the micro-circulation, as well as research, electricity,
science, aviation, astronomy, astrology, and UFOs. It has a correspondence with
Angels and off-planet intelligence, and it tends to be ambivalent about gender. The
Aquarian personality is highly opinionated, holds strong views, and is generally
geared to reformist, unconventional, humanitarian activities.

Its ruling planet, Uranus - which is about transforming the status quo - rules
aluminium, uranium and the parasympathetic nervous system. As we enter the Age of
Aquarius, there's a lot of talk about resonating with the 'vibe' of various kinds, and
with technologies and inventions which utilize rays, beams, remote control, TV, radio,
computers, cell phones, and so on. Under Aquarius, the mental sign, we are seeing the
proliferation of blogging and sharing online, as well as group gatherings, who
champion renewable, sustainable energies, alternative type lifestyles and an interest in
healing using light, sound, colour, smell - in other words vibrational therapies.

Aquarians are good in a career where they can experiment and observe, where they
can shift others into a new realization, or where they gather with people for a joint
cause. Aquarian energy, at it's best, is altruistic and idealistic, it works hard at raising
social awareness and ushering in change. It is non-hierarchical, and loves the buzz of
risk and breaking taboos, and the word 'freedom'.

Birth stones: Moldavite, Aquamarine
Colours: Electric Blue
Gods: Ahephi, Ganymede, Juno
Animals: Man, Angel, Dolphin, Coyote
Weapons: The Censer
Element: Air
Zodiac Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Exaltation: Mercury, Neptune
Fall: Pluto

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