Apple Ipods And Benefit-oriented Marketing

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					For the younger generation, Apple iPods are not only desirable items to own, they are
essential gadgets that one could not live without.

What brought about this perceived necessity? Why is the iPod one of the most
successful brands in the MP3 market? How did it manage to produce such amazing
success? You will be able to find the answers as you read on.

However if you're in a hurry, perhaps you could settle for the short answer: because
Apple iPods are simply cool!!!

Apple struck a goldmine is the world of benefit-oriented marketing. Some
manufacturers may offer security protocols for your information systems, for example,
and they'd market the same by focusing on the peace of mind you'll have. On the other
hand, publishers may offer a new book about a particular topic and market the same
as something you'll gain knowledge from. Benefits are one of the major keys
contributing to the success of a product as well as the success of the marketing

With Apple iPods, the tagging benefit is the coolness factor. Hence, it is no wonder
that people always associated Apple iPods with the word "cool." Since the product's
introduction, it has been portrayed in many mediums of popular culture as the next
cool thing to possess. This is clearly evident in instances where celebrity movie stars,
pop icons and even athletes are seen hanging an iPod over their necks. In addition,
blockbuster movies and hit television series portray youngsters engaging in a variety
of activities while listening to their iPods.

The most amazing thing is… Apple never paid any endorsement fees for these
product placements . The personalities, the producers, the celebrities… they
chose to portray themselves as iPod users because of how the gadget was marketed,
that it is the cool thing to do.

What about Apple? We can only say that they were pretty much enjoying themselves
as their breadwinner are able to conquer numerous mass media channels for great
product exposure. The reason? Apple has achieved advertising iPod as the coolest
thing on God's green earth.

The iPod itself, despite the hype of being a "revolution" in the industry, is still only a
portable mp3 player. It may be the number one brand in its market, but there are many
other alternatives out there. Some of these alternatives even offer more features than
iPod and at a lower selling price than the iPod. One very good example is the Creative
Zen, invented by Creative Technologies. There will certainly be fierce competition for
a piece of the MP3 market share in the near future, especially when Microsoft has
announced plans to compete with the Apple ipod.
But the way the iPod was marketed and the efficiency of how it conquered the
industry… and as a consequence, the lessons we have learned in studying its

Now… that's cool.

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