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									Antones Austin is a very happening place of Austin Texas. As Austin is known as the
Live Music Capital of the World, the Antone's is the first place to have such
experience in Austin. The Antone's is a very famous nightclub of Austin. This club
was the first of its kind on the Sixth Street. The Sixth Street itself is a very lively place
of Austin and that's why the Antone's is often visited by a great crowd of music lovers.
This club has been in business since the Summers of 1975. The name worth
mentioning here is of Clifton Chenier. At present, the venue is located at the corner of
5th and Lavaca Street. It was founded by the legendary promoter Clifford Antone.

Antones Austin is famous because this music venue keeps on organising some great
music concerts. The great music artists, performers who have earlier participated in
the shows of Antone's include the Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Buddy Guy, John Lee
Hooker, Pinetop Perkins, James Cotton and countless others. Besides the great music
artists, sometimes, the talented persons also get a chance to perform here and so the
Antone's has also acted as a launchpad for many young muisc lovers of Austin city.
Antone's has helped launch the careers of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Vaughan, The
Fabulous Thunderbirds, Los Lonely Boys, Ian Moore, and Bob Schneider just to
name a few.

Some other renowned artists who have graced the stage at the Antone's Nightclub
include some of the famous names from the world of music. These names include
everyone from Bono and The Edge of U2, to Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, to Eric
Clapton, to Dwight Yoakam to Bruce Willis and Elvis Costello. The Antones Austin
has also won a numerous awards for the wonderful music shows it arranges for it's
music lovers. These awards include the Austin Music Awards. This Antone's
Nightclub was also named as the Nightclub of the Year by USA Today and the W.C.
Handy Awards. During July 2009, this nightclub had also celebrated it's 34th
anniversary. One interesting as well as important fact about this music night club is
that it is open for the various age groups. So anybody from any age group can enjoy at
this place. The place provides you with a music experience which is really
unforgettable for you. One will always go with everlasting and strong memories in the
mind, once he or she visits this astonishing nightclub.

The Antones Austin , which is much near to the Austin Downtown, is a great place
both for the music lovers and the musicians themselves. If you are in Austin and have
not yet visited the place then definitely you are denying yourself a great music venue
with great music. The whole place is steeped in music tradition, reserved for historical
and legendary places like the Bowery Ballroom (NY), The Fillmore (SF), Great
American Music Hall (SF), Preservation Hall (NO), 9:30 Club (DC), The Crocodile
Cafe (Seattle) and well, you may have the idea now! The vibe of the Antone's
nightclub is usually frenzied. Sometimes, it seems like as if the club usually invites
the music bands with a cult following. This in turn creates more excitement and
anticipation among the audience. The stage at the Antone's is well maintained and can
be seen from wherever your position is but only provided that some tall guys do not
block your view. Getting a drink is easy here in comparison of running for the
washroom. The bars are quite big and because of two of them, one can easily have the
choice of going through a wide variety of drinks. The big size bars boost up your
mood of drinking and the lovely music in the air let you float in whatever mood you

One can really experience some wonderful, Austin Live Music here at this place
called Antones Austin. The overall size of the whole venue is really big and
impressive . Besides they have also got some good acoustics. Once you are here, you
may easily say that it is not exactly a typical music venue layout but then also you
will definitely prefer the music set up here. Usually any music band plays in the
center of a big, long room and the stage backs to the wall. On the opposite wall, there
is a sound booth and may be, this can be the reason why the sound is so good there.
The bar, about which we talked earlier, is just next to the soundbooth. Very well care
has been taken for this bar so that it does not cause an intrusive line into the venue or
near the entrance. Generally the crowd at this nightclub is very sensible and mostly
comprises of people who love music. The people, who are a fan of some particular
band, definitely visit the place when that specific band is invited. Apart from such
fans, the crowd also consists of people who may not be the fans for some music group
but of course they are the one who live and breathe music and the one who have got
music in their soul.

Though the drinks are not very special but still the bar seems well stocked and the
price is pretty typical. If you are lucky sometimes then you may get the pleasantly
cheap beers. In the first look the whole layout of the Antones Austin may look long
and skinny to you but once you listen to the show, you will be full of music and sound
which is just fabulous, just fantastic at the nightclub. You can experience some of the
best music quality during the music concerts at Antone's. Once you score a decent
spot, you will be able to enjoy the whole show perfectly. Though finding the same
may be a little difficult for you but then in events like this one, everyone should be
ready to take the pains. The club has got multiple layers of percussion and vocals and
this is something that not all rock clubs or music venues are going to be the most used
to. You may hear all the layers in the lovely wall of sound and can also enjoy the
vocals just right in the mix too. Antone's is generally a pretty nice music venue plus
bar and you may enjoy the music concerts here. The place may look a little conjusted
to the few but if somebody really wanna enjoy some great piece of music then its just
great because some of the best music artists perform here. Antone's is a place where
you may enjoy some quality music along with some cheap drinks.

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