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					Are you looking for an animation program? Anime Studio Pro, or even the Debut
version, will turn out your professional cartoons, today.
When all factors are considered, you'll find that Anime Studio has the most bang for
your buck.

What features does Anime Studio have?
This program won't take forever to render, like some programs do. Gone are the days
of waiting all day for a snippet of cartoon to finish. Also, I can always count on a high
quality finished render.

Not that you have to stick to stick figure animation, but it's a snap with this program.
These videos get tons of views on YouTube. I know I can make a whole stick figure
cartoon in a day with Anime Studio, easily. Imagine what you can do with this.

Tutorials are very abundant!
Some animation software doesn't have a lot of support, but Anime Studio does.
There's such a large user base, help is always at hand. Plus, there are even websites
out there that give away content, just like I do.

You could put your Anime Studio skills to use to make you money!
There's a site that lets you upload your animation content for sale, and they take a
chuck of the sale as commission. Not that you have to use their site, of course. You
can always sell it on your own site for some bigger profit margins. There are so many
ways to do this, but I use PayPal and secure, non-idexed, web pages. Once the buyer
subscribes through PayPal, they get access to the secure pages, where they can
download the many files I've created with Anime Studio. The nice thing is, I don't
have to be a professional artist to make my content. One feature of the software,
which I think many people overlook, is the ability to insert any digital photo of my
choice. I can upload a picture of something like a couch, then trace it in vector layers,
save it as an Anime Studio file, and then sell it on my site. The Anime Studio Pro
version even lets you rapidly change an object's color, so I can create many different
couches out of the same file. This software was well worth my investment, but what
will you do with it?

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