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					The intricate design of angel wings tattoos are remembered long after people see your
tattoo. The popularity of angel wings tattoos show that sometimes the most important
part of an angel tattoo is the wings. Some people have just the wings with no body of
the angel. Angel wings tattoos come in all different shapes and sizes. If you're looking
for a large full back tattoo, this tattoo design could be just the thing. Both men and
women like the significance of an angel wings tattoo.

The type of wings you get should depend on what you are trying to express. You can
have the angel wings spread out as if you are about to take off in flight or they can be
folded slightly as if to show protection. You can tattoo small, cute cupid angel wings
on your ankle or shoulder. Or you might be more interested in the gothic type angel
wings that may signify a fallen angel. This type of design may have some feathers
missing or the angles of the wings are a little off.

Almost all people identify angel wings tattoos with some sort of spirituality. It could
be your belief in God or just a spiritual belief of being looked after by some higher
being. Some people get this type of design to express their belief in the darker side,
that of the fallen angels, like Lucifer.

Whatever your expression, you want it done correctly. Don't get rushed into choosing
a design you might regret. Find a tattoo that truly expresses your feelings and desires.
After you have a design, take it to the tattoo artist of your choice. Listen to what they
have to say about placement and size. Look over some of their other work, especially
other angel wings tattoos. If the two of you seem to be on the same page as to what
you want, go ahead and get the tattoo. An angel wings tattoo will truly be a tattoo to