Angel Tattoos - Why Your Next Tattoo Should Be An Angel Tattoo

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					If you have been looking for a new idea for a tattoo design, why not try an angel
Angel tattoos are a unique expression of individuality and can have a special meaning
or significance to many people whether it be religious, or artistic in nature.

Angel tattoos are unique in the fact that they appeal to so many people in a variety of
ways. You can decide to go in completely opposite directions, going from a menacing
dark angel or to a sweet and cute cherub design. Thats the great thing about angel
tattoos.. there are so many ways to use them!

Traditionally angel tattoos were used in a religious context, being that they were the
messengers from god to communicate with mortals on earth, but many people simply
like the design and shape of an angel tattoo to express thier personality.

Angel tattoos are great for both men and women, and can range in size to full body
angel wings (most commonly placed on the back) to smaller designs that can be
placed any where on the body.

There are many types of angel tattoos to choose from some of which are listed below
with a brief meaning.

Cherubs - Cherubs are a cute, childlike and innocent type of angel. Perhaps the most
well known cherub is the cupid. He is known to bring love to people after he has
struck them wih his bow and arrow.

Guardian angels - Guardian angels are the protectors of humanity. It is believed by
some that everybody has there own personal guardian angel looking out for them.

Fallen angels - A fallen angel is an angel who has been banished from heaven for
rebelling against god. The most famous of these angels is Satan.

When deciding on an angel tattoo design it is best to look through the different types
of angel and the different styles available. Some angel designs will be better in black
and white where as some others, like cherubs for instance may be better with a light
coloring. Despite this the angel design is entirely up to you and allows for the ultimate
expression of meaning and individuality.

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