America's Next Top Model- Tyra Looks For Mr. Right

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					Americas Next Top Models Tyra Banks is in the quest to find her one true love, her
soul mate! Despite having a number of failed relationships in the past, like with Chris
Webber, John Signleton, Giancarlo Marcaccini, Seal, Craig Taylor and Tyler Perry,
Banks perspective in the field of dating remains to be positive. Having a fiercely
determined attitude towards finding Mr. Right also helps in framing her mind-set
towards her love life goal.

Banks, a 33-year old African American former super model, was previously known
for being one of the original Victorias Secret Angels. She escalated to stardom when
she graced the cover of Sports Illustrateds swimsuit issue.

Also known as an author, an executive producer, and a movie actress, she now stars
and is a judge on the reality television show Americas Next Top Model and is a host
of her own talk show called The Tyra Banks Show.

The successful celebrity also stands by her belief that her search for her ideal man is
not someone she wants based on needs, stressing on the importance of being
independent, a subject matter she often exemplifies on the show Americas Next Top
Model. Moreover, she emphasizes her exploration for Mr. Right as something based
on her want and desire.

During Americas Next Top Model cycle 7, she went through such a hard time dealing
with her heartbreak, painfully admitting her disappointment and emotional damage.
But her past experiences, being through a string of unfortunate relationships, made her
a stronger person and has given her much wisdom in dealing with the affairs of the
heart. And after much drama, her grasp over her relationship dilemmas has become
lucid and clear. She adds, "You look back at the person you were crying over and
realize they were never meant to be the one."

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