All About Judging In Ballroom Dancing by aihaozhe2


									Judging ballroom dancing is difficult business and you need experience to be able to
do it well. True, there are a few set parameters on which the couples are rated but in
any competition, the relativity factor is very important. Every couple has to also be
judged in comparison to the others and this is the tough part.

Let's look at the rateable factors. These are Timing, Posture, Hold, Line, Poise,
Presentation, Togetherness and Power and each competition could just have a few
more on the list.

Timing is so important. You blow that and you're out. This is why couples practice so
much so they can be sure of getting the timing right in their sleep. You just have to be
in perfect time to the music.

Posture is equally important. That grace, that elegance just will not be present without
perfect posture. If you maintain perfect posture throughout you can also be sure of
perfect balance and confidence, both so essential to dancing. Posture requires a lot of
practice but what you have in the end is perfection. So you can see just how vital it is
to ballroom dancing.

Hold is how your body parts are held, not just yours but both yours and your partner's,
during any dance movement. So your arms, legs, feet and body need to be in the right
position at the right time. It also has to be in perfect symmetry with your partner's. If
you don't follow this, you are said to be breaking your hold and this could lose you
quite a few points.

What is also important is Line which is the position of the body right from your head
down to your toes. You have to make sure that your line is perfect. It does not matter
if it is straight or curved, the lime should be graceful, elegant and right.

Poise of course is what sets you apart as you glide around the room. This certain
something that needs to come from within is what makes for smooth dancing. It is the
way the body moves upwards and outwards, the way a woman's body moves perfectly
into the man's waiting arm, balancing, connecting and making it a graceful movement.

Of course, in today's world, presentation is so important. It is necessary to sell
yourselves to those watching, especially the judges. You need to do more than just
dance correctly and gracefully. You need to let the expressions show on your face as
well. You need to smile, to involve the viewers. This is the packaging that sets today's
dancing apart.

Togetherness in ballroom dancing is a given. You and your partner have to move as
one. The leading and the following have to be done without any seeming effort and
there has to be a total synchronizing of every move.
All judges have their own unique style of judging and different ideas on what is good
and what isn't. Some may place a lot of emphasis on presentation while another on
technique. These are individual preferences that one cannot really gauge.

Of course, this could mean that two judges look very differently at the same couple
dancing. However, when it comes to the rateable factors, one hopes that being more
tangible, there will be a greater concurrence among the judges.

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