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African Masks Insights


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									Probably the most sought after mask of the Songye tribe is the Kifwebe mask. This
kind of mask can be recognised by their abstract shapes as their beautifully textured
lines and linear scarifications.
The lines are painted with altering black and white lines. Thier exist male and female
Kifwebe masks. These male and female masks are usually danced together. Each
dancer encourages the sexual qualities of the oopposite sexe.
Female Kifwebe masks are typically less agressive as their male opponent. The often
have a more rounded shape as the male masks.
Female mask often reflect more positive forces.

History of the Marka Masks of Mali (West Africa)
The masks of the Marka originated in the country of Mali and
were thought to be extremely powerful and had the ability to frighten away evil spirits,
convey messages from the spirit world and cure illnesses.
The African Marka masks are narrow with charp chin, brightly painted which gives it
a distinctive and quite different look than all other African masks.
Along the Niger river The Marka people used this mask in ceremonies that are related
to fishing.

The Dan people created one of the most distinguishable African masks
minimal carved features, smooth modulated facial planes and sleek polished surfaces.
the Dan people inhabited the regions of Ivory Coast and Liberia since the eighth
century B.C. Since they where often engaged in wars with neighbouring tribes, they
developped somewhat a ferocious reputation.
Dan Masks were traditionally only carved by initiated members of the male Poro
society. The masks themsleves could be grouped in two main categories: the
masculine and the feminine masks
The feminine masks are characterized by an oval, pointed face, slender slanted eyes, a
long forehead, a slender nose and a smooth patina finish. The shiny patina of the
wood is typically created using vegetable extracts which gives the look of a lacquer

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