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Abstract Canvas Art- Endless Possibilities

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					Who hasn't heard of Jackson Pollock? He challenged the definition of art by pouring,
dripping and flinging paint onto his canvases. His work is now available as abstract
canvas art. Wassily Kandisky known for his color studies created the abstract art
movement. A selection of his works are available. Maybe you would like to check into
a currently working artist. How about Canadian artist Don Li-Leger? His art is
inspired by the Orient and nature.

Abstract canvas art can be purchased with gallery wrap or museum wrap and in your
choice of sizes. Abstract art scales particularly well to fit your needs. It also lends
itself to creating sets of artwork to display on your walls. Many artists have a favorite
color palette and therefore their work looks good grouped to fill the wall space you
have in mind. It can be considerably cheaper to purchase several smaller canvas prints
than one rather large one.

Let abstract canvas art set the tone of your rooms. Choose artwork that sends the right
message for the room. Colorful pieces liven up a family room or den. Who wants to
work all day in a depressing surrounding? If you are decorating a formal dining room,
perhaps darker earth tones would look good with your dcor. Anything goes in an
entrance foyer. Especially abstract art where you don't have to worry about a
depressing theme. With abstract art the color palette is more important than the actual
image as far as decorating goes. Of course, if you are trying to impress your guests
with your art collection, you should choose well known works of art or artists. It is
hard to impress someone if they have no idea who you are talking about. Most of all
impress yourself. You are the one who will be living with the art.

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