A Tiger Step By Step Face Painting Design by aihaozhe2


									Among the big cats, the tiger is the heaviest and also one of the most popular jungle
predators. They are commonly depicted in ancient folk stories, written literature and
contemporary films. They can be found on flags, are used as mascots and some
countries in Asia have even made the tiger their national animal. Tigers have been the
epitome of grace, strength and courage. It is no wonder why tigers are such popular
face painting picks.

Here is a step by step face painting design of a tiger.

Step 1. Paint the area surrounding the mouth with white. This will serve as the base
for the whiskers.

Step 2. Paint the area surrounding the eyes, as well as the cheeks and chin with yellow.
Draw a thin white line under the eyes.

Step 3. On the outer part of the face, add orange. Then blend both colors together. It
depends on you what effect you want to achieve. If you think the paint is too dark or
too light, manipulate the colors accordingly.

Step 4. Draw two inverted triangles under the bottom lip. This will serve as the tigers
fangs. With the use of a small sized brush and some white paint, draw bristly
eyebrows on top of each eye. Add white lines just a little beyond the jaw line.

Step 5. Draw a black triangle at the tip of the nose extending downward and color it in.
One trick to make the nose even on both sides is to follow the natural shape of the
nose. Using a small brush dipped in black paint, add extra strokes on the eyebrows.
Then place black dots below the nose and draw on the whiskers.

Step 6. For added flare, you can sprinkle a bit of gold glitter on the edge of the jaw
line. However, be careful not to get glitter in the eyes. If you want to place glitter on
the stripes, you should use glitter gel. It is easier to manipulate compared to loose

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