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									                          Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                    Meeting Date: Wednesday March15, 2006
                                            Meeting Time: 7:30 a.m.

Bartlett, Matthew – Century 21 Masters                   EXCUSED
Bushman, Pat – Ludwick Foundation                        None
Carpenter, Miki – Foothill Presbyterian Hospital
Chiappetta, Dennis – Athens
Downing, Maura – Chamber
Fehrs, Mike – Citrus College Foundation
Greenwood, Chris – Armstrong Garden Centers              ABSENT
Hawk, Brian – Chamber intern                             Kelly, Mark – City of Glendora
Herman, Ken – City of Glendora                           Miller, Tony – Glendora Dodge
Hermann, Linda – A & J Cake & Candy                      Viera, Michael – Citrus College
Hodge, Kathy - Chamber
Jafari, D.J. – Glendora Tire & Brake
Kirschenbaum, Norm – COUSD
Macias, Anthony – Primerica Financial Services
Murabito, Gene – Business Systems Support
Nichols, Catherine - GUSD
Ouellette, Elaina – Village Goldsmith
Pine, Glen – Hawg Heaven
Reid, David- Azusa Pacific University
Smith, Barbara – ValPak
Warren, Harvey – HarDi Enterprises
Workman, Hal – Workman Construction

Call To Order                          7:33A.M.
Mike Fehrs, President

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Minutes: Motion for approval was made by Dennis Chiappetta and seconded by
D.J. Jafari. All in favor. None opposed.

President’s Report: Mike Fehrs reporting: Dr. Bushman needs to leave early so he will go
first. Dr. Bushman: Tony Miller was selected as Citizen of the Year. Since he is a Board
member, I’m hoping to see all Board members at the event. Tickets are $40 and available after
March 20th. It will be held at the Citrus College Campus Center. Mike Fehrs: We had 26 people
including 4 Board members, Dennis, Linda, D.J. and myself in our first China delegation. It was
an excellent trip. I’d like to acknowledge Brian Hawk for all his hard work and this confirms the
intern program was a good idea. We participated in a ground breaking ceremony at Diamond
Ridge. The City did a great job organizing it. Our newsletter is under construction and will be in
full color. It should be out in about 6 weeks. Mike described the changes and additions to the
newsletter. The Executive Committee met with a Goldline representative. Segment 1 estimated
completion date is 2010 and Segment 2 which includes Glendora has a 2014 estimated completion

D.J. Jafari: I encourage everyone to go on the next China trip. Discussion on China trip just
completed and ideas for future trips.

Maura Downing Business Development Director report: We continue to do well at our
membership breakfasts. Our Legislative Power Lunch is April 28th. Our May breakfast topic will
be the China trip and it will be at Citrus College. The date still needs to be firmed up. We worked
hard to get the over 90’s minimized. Mike asked for a review of the in-kind memberships which
are in your packet. Let me know if anyone has any questions and I will try to answer them.

Kathy Hodge Director of Operations report: I just sent the 4th directory proof back to the
publisher with minor corrections requested. This should go to print soon. Please let me know if
you have any idea how we can distribute these in the community. Discussion. Ken Herman will
check to see about inserting them into Glendora on the Move. Dennis Chiappetta said he could
include it with the tax bill if the city approves it. Maura and I hosted the VACE meeting here last
week. This is an opportunity for Chamber Executives to get an idea of what is going on in other
Chambers and bounce ideas off of one another. Daryl Overlock and Rona Lunde have requested
their names be added to the board ballot which will go out next week. At the back of your packet
there is information on the Presenting Sponsor opportunity for Citizen of the Year. This is the
first year this event has offered sponsorship opportunities. We are having a clean up the Chamber
day on March 25th from 10 am – 4 pm to get ready for our mixer on March 30th. Let me know if
you will be helping for any amount of time that day. Matt and D.J. signed up.

Treasurer’s Report: Gene Murabito reporting: The balance sheet shows just over $54,000.
We are going to close the PFF savings account, take a little out of the general checking to open a 1
year CD in the amount of $10,000. We are doing well in our accounts receivables. On our aging
report, 70% is within 30 days and that is good. We are 2/3 through our year. Gene reviewed the
percentages of actual v budget to date. At 70% we are a little ahead in our income v projected.
We are doing good in keeping our expenses below budget at 60%. Mike Fehrs reported we had a
surprise $1000 given to us by Walmart at the new member breakfast. We also received a $1000
check from Sam’s Club.

Miki Carpenter reporting on Business Affairs: Due to schedules, we have been unable to
meet. The Business Visits are our main focus right now. I’ll have more at the next Board

Dennis Chiappetta reporting on Legislative Action: The San Gabriel Valley Coalition of
Chambers tried to organize, disbanded and reorganized. We’d like to send a representative to 1 or
2 meetings to check it out. We’d like the Board to agree on issues that Legislative Action would
have authority to support with letters. More information next month. The Legislative Power
lunch will be sponsored by APU, Athens, The Gas Company and SCE.

Hal Workman reporting on Ambassadors: We had good attendance at the ambassador meeting
and we passed out their shirts. We are looking forward to delivering the tags and brochures this
month. Glen needs assistance with the website. We had a meeting with the guys who do the
website for the City and we need the contact for the links. The ambassadors would like the 50/50
funds to support ambassador activities. I know that has to be voted on by the Board. Discussion

on budgeting for cleaning up Chamber. The home based ribbon cuttings at the Chamber are very

David Reid reporting on Board Development: The ballots are just about in the mail. We had
a conflict and had to remove one name from the ballot.

Dennis Chiappetta reporting on Celebrity Waiter event: The event is May 12th at Pomona
Valley Mining Company. Brian Hawk will distribute tickets. Our rough budget shows we could
net a minimum of $7000 and more with tickets and tips. We have a meeting today. Mike Fehrs
suggested we promote the event at the March mixer with posters, etc.

Brian Hawk reporting on China trip: Some people who went on the trip are interested in going
again with friends. We have about 10 people who missed the deadline and are interested. Jim
Martindale is hosting a reunion of those who went and Dennis’ son Tony is setting up a website of
photos. Linda Hermann suggested the group get together to share their knowledge with potential

Glen Pine reporting on website: We are looking for fresh content. If the Business Affairs or
Legislative Action committees would like to add something, let me know.

City & Community reports:

Ken Herman reporting for City of Glendora: Diamond Ridge will start any time. There is a
lot of action at Pompei park. Last night the Council approved the Gagne project on Vermont.
This expands the Village to the City property on Vermont. He explained the misconceptions with
the Country Club land swap. I just want to say that the City appreciates the natural relationship
between the City and the Chamber and I think we sometimes take it for granted. This relationship
has grown dramatically. I applaud Kathy and Maura for their efforts.

Elaina Ouellette reporting on Village Merchants: We had our first general meeting last month
and our first art walk last Friday. Our next one is in June. We have a website - Our next major project is Earth Day. Our next meeting is next Thursday at
6:15 p.m.

Norm Kirschenbaum reporting for COSD I would also like to congratulate Chamber staff,
Kathy and Maura. The breakfast meeting was well hosted and included a dynamic group. This is
a vital organization with a lot of energy and we’re pleased to be a part of it. We received a
donation from Jason David, an NFL player who attended Charter Oak. That amount was matched
by the NFL. He will also be doing a youth football summer program. Thank you to Dennis for
the Earth Day promotion. On March 23rd at 2:30 we will dedicate our new building which
includes a science, weight and dance room.

Announcements: Hal Workman reminded everyone that April 8th is the Quakes game and to let
him know if you want to attend. He will have to absorb the cost if people don’t sign up.

Adjourn 8:39 a.m.


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