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									The mission of Case Luggage both in store and online is to present to our customers
the finest luggage and business pieces from around the globe. We look to offer a
considered and succinct choice of brands and ranges that cover a variety of price
points as well as uses intelligent choice rather than bewildering and confusing mass of
product. Below we set out some of our most popular brands and ranges for our

Tumi is widely considered to be the best in class for well engineered, functional
luggage and business pieces. The Alpha Travel Ranges feature the best soft sided
luggage pieces for both check in and carry on. The 22021 Continental Carry On
Luggagewas designed specifically to meet British Airways and many other European
based international carrier criteria for carry on suitcases. It has fast become our most
successful selling carry on at 595. Whilst the Alpha Travel range is the core of Tumis
business, new additions including Hard Sided Vapor Luggage and Alpha Bravo - a
younger, more contemporary travel collection, have both had fantastic launches this

Brics has been a favourite of Case customers for many many years. It is the epitome
of Affordable Luxury from a truly Italian label. The Rodeo Life collection is their core
travel range, and it exudes styles and purpose with a mix of suede effect brushed
cotton, leather trim detailing and fantastic use of hardware. This is a true timeless
classic collection that adds style and panache to any trip. The best selling piece is the
202 holdall selling at 195. They have just redesigned their collection of trolley cases,
and when these hit the shelves (and online) in November, we expect them to fly out.

For most people around the world, Samsonite is the first brand name most people
think of when you mention luggage. Having just celebrated their 100 year anniversary,
this is a travel Goods Company steeped in tradition of making and designing fine
travel pieces. They have always been renowned for having a bestselling hard sided
travel collection, and today is no different as Cosmolite has been a roaring success for
them. An immediately iconic design and exclusive use of a polycarbonate material
called Curv, this collection of trolley cases ranging from 229 to 315 are ideal for all
forms of travel business, holiday, cruises and more.

We have covered the 200 plus market, but for those who travel less frequently but still
want to travel in style, Delsey have been making great lightweight travel ranges for
many years. The Fibre Lite range is its hero range of featherweight luggage. A
memory shape fibre glass construction allows the case to be strong as well as
lightweight. This is a nicely designed range both externally and internally and is ideal
for holiday travel. Trolley cases range from 139 to 159.

That gives you a taste of what we have available in store and online. There is plenty
more to explore and see, and we of course always want to hear what you think about
all manners of luggage and bags.

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