7 Best Christmas Gifts For Boys - 2009

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					Even though your boys grow bigger, stronger and more knowing each year, finding
the best Christmas gifts for boys in 2009 is still expected of you if you want to avoid
the weak smiles and glum looks that are likely if you don't put some careful thought
into your selections. Of course, not every gift-giver has time to wander stores and
shopping malls looking for ideas, so here is a list of popular items that are bound to

You won't be entirely spared the need to imagine their desires and ponder the latest
craze among the kids, however these recommendations have been prepared from
research with bestselling boys' gifts at large online retailers. That puts you much
further ahead. The category has also been indicated.

1. Fitness - Wii Fit.
More than an electronic game, it offers challenging and fun activities that include
aerobics, yoga, and muscle stretching as well as games to develop balance. Provides a
core workout for those wanting to build fitness. There is a pressure-sensitive balance
board and the underlying aim is to make fitness workouts enjoyable enough for users
to continue for years to come.

2. Electronic Toys - Cyber Surfer R/C Spaceboard.
Silver Surfer look out! Not only huge fun, it is great for developing balance and
co-ordination. There are two ducted fans which enable riders to stand on the board
and hover across the room, controlling height, turns and acceleration. It is easy to
learn and offers an exhilarating experience.

3. Action Figures - Animal Planet's Big Tub of Dinosaurs.
Kids love dinosaurs and this allows them to create and play in their own dinosaur
world. The kit includes lots of prehistoric creatures, "rocks", palm trees, and ponds.
Also, the set is portable so it is easy to pack up when extinction beckons once more.

4. Trains - Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Set.
They will have hours of fun with the many components of a railway, including sheds,
lots of tracks with curves as well as straights, trees, traffic signals, and even workers.
The trains are multi-piece and aided by cranes and switches. There are slopes, bridges
and a roundtable to add to the fun.

5. Puzzles - Giant Fire Truck Floor Puzzle from Melissa & Doug.
Lots of kids (even big one) get excited about fire trucks, so expect enthusiasm from
the play firefighters who are to assemble this high quality picture of a fire truck. It is
easily cleaned and is about 4 feet long. Great for developing reasoning and
problem-solving abilities. For 3+ years.

6. Outdoors - Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter.
A little gem for transport, it will cruise along the path at speeds up to 15 mph and is
able to travel 10 miles on a single charge. It is beautifully styled and can handle riders
up to 220 lbs. The 12" pneumatic tires and the rear suspension ensure a smooth ride.
The throttle is controlled with a twist grip. Storage is provided under the seat.

7. Video Games - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
This is one for the combat-ready crowd and is highly popular. It employs modern
settings, not those from World War II. This means there are new settings, weapons and
options. It has both single player and multi-player modes, as well as one for Special
Ops. This version is the latest in a series.