6 Suggestions For What To Do In Order To Stop Temper Tantrums Fast

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					In the title, 'What to do in order to stop temper tantrums fast,' there are two meanings.
The 'tantrum in progress' and the phase or stage itself. This article will cover both as
you continue to do these suggestions both during the temper tantrums and throughout
the stage of development that comes along with them.

Okay, so you are out running errands with your child. When it comes time for you to
stop in at the grocery store, you pass by the candy isle from a distance. Intentionally
taking the longer, wide-margin route to avoid it and then you get up to the counter to
be bombarded.

These checkout lanes are set up to grab your child's interest to market candy or junk
to them. They know just what colors, shapes, even words to spark that desire for
having the unhealthy, over priced merchandise. So it is pretty hard for your child to
resist the urge. Your child is going to make a scene you can feel it in your bones.

You are determined to hold your ground. Once the tantrum begins though you begin
to rethink your strategy. You should know this is the last thing you should do. It
creates a negative cycle and false sense of security that also slows the maturity
process of self development.

Studies show that if you always give in to your child they have an increased chance of
growing up selfish. They will begin to think the world will fold to whatever they say
and become self centered. They will think that their word is law and have trouble
considering the thoughts and feelings of others later in life.

Temper tantrums are natural and people overall are empathetic to your situation.
Understand that this is a normal stage of childhood development. This will help you
to take a step back from your own emotional disappointment and to apply the limits
with understanding and empathy.

You must set limits. Children need to learn early on to respect authority and
understand that you do not always get what you want. The longer you wait the harder
it will be to teach proper discipline and self control. That is what discipline means
when it comes to parenting. It means to guide and teach as well as to learn and
understand all at the same time.

Wanting to give your child what they want is understandable, its instinct. However
giving them what they need is doing what is right for them and setting them up for
their future. The first and most important rule of dealing with a temper tantrum is to
never give in.

This is a common frustration in parenting, and everyone agrees that the quicker its
over the better. But by giving in you are only making things worse. There are a
number of things that you can do in order to stop temper tantrums fast.
What To Do In Order to Stop Temper Tantrums Fast

1. Never respond in any way. Do not show them any attention. Attention is what they
want as well as to manipulate you to get what they want and we already know the first
rule is to never give in.

2. Do not try to reason with or talk them out of their outburst. It never works and
usually causes bursts of intensity from the tantrum.

3. Attention is what they want good or bad attention is the goal so ignore them all
throughout the misbehavior.

4. Never yell or scream at your child. This is a form of attention. You need to model
control with your own actions in order to teach self control to your child.

5. Avoid eye contact as this is also another form of acknowledgment. They need to
learn the quickest way to lose your attention is by this kind of behavior.

6. Do not let them get to you but if you feel it starting to try your best not to let them
see it.

Ignoring a full on loud and wailing temper tantrum is not exactly easy. When you are
in a grocery store and you are stuck just hold your child and immediately exit the
store. But try not to worry. People more often than not know what its like and
Understand completely.

Unfortunately it is a common stage in the process of growing from child to
adolescence. All children go through phases where their conduct is not so appreciated
by others especially the parents. But not everyone has this problem to as much of a
degree as others. Nonetheless, they understand how it is and no one is blaming or
pointing fingers at you.

If you are consistent with these suggestions and keep an open eye to the times when
your child does not misbehave, give them praise, recognition, and small rewards to
reinforce the good behavior.

If you follow through with taking action on these suggestions you will be completely
competent when it comes to knowing what to do in order to stop temper tantrums fast
in their tracks. If you take the next step further you will experience happy parenting
again building a relationship with your happy healthy child.

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