5 Tips To Become A Bartender Without Going To Bartending School by aihaozhe2


									A Bartender has an opportunity of earning more than a high-paying "desk job"
WITHOUT investing +40 hours a week. You may be familiar with several stories of
college grads who suffer without a job in the corporate world and find out that being a
bartender is much easier and more lucrative.

To become a bartender, you need to have skills in mixing alcoholic drinks, a little flair,
and the charm to entertain your customers.

You do not need to go to bartending school and get a "Bartending License" or
"certificate" just to be a bartender. You only need to acquire the skills necessary to
work behind a bar. To help you become a bartender, here are some helpful tips:

1. Know What a Bartender does:

What is a bartender's job? What are the duties and responsibilities of a bartender?
Watch others in action and observe what makes a great bartender great.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice!

To learn the skills of a bartender (pouring drinks, mixing, etc) you need to get the
confidence. And you do that through practice!! Now that you know what is a the role
of a bartender, you can simply begin to learn bartender skills by practicing. You don't
need to buy any expensive tools. Make sure you have PATIENCE(not yet a skill but
will determine how your skill developed). Even in bartending schools, you need to be
patient until you graduate before you get the job as a bartender. There's no difference
with self bartending practice, you need to be patient to learn everything.

Things you need for your practice:

 Recipe Lists of Mixed Alcoholic Drinks - Use google to search
 Bartender Basic Utilities - cork opener, knife,...
 Flair Tricks Tools - sample..sample...
 Video Tutorials like Youtube where you can watch a lot of tutorials free

Getthe Word Out.

To help with your job-getting process, let friends and family know you are looking for
a job. You can practice on them, but use this Sphere of Influence to help you get the
word out about you seeking a new job.

Create a Bartender Resume

Look around and find bartender job posted on your town. There you go...After having
some experience through simple word of mouth, you are now equipped with
bartending skills and experience which you can use for a bartending job which
requires a larger skills attainment and experience. If you think you had the skills
which required by the job posting, the RESUME is your tool to professionally
promote yourself to a bartender employer. Try to make your resume unique by using
an effective cover letters and a neat designs.

Act Now!

Of all the mentioned tips and steps, they're not manifested within you if you don't
have the ability to ACT. There's a saying "You cannot act where You are not; You
cannot act where You have been; You cannot act where You are going to be; You can
only ACT where YOU ARE.

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