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					Every now and then, one may find the need to break away from normal types of songs
and listen to something that will make them literally laugh out loud. Sometimes the
songs may be parodies, and other times they might actually be legit songs. Here are
five songs that I personally find hilarious:

1. Fat Weird Al Yankovic

Fat is truly a classic when it comes to both parodies and hilarious songs. Whether it is
the lyrics you find funny, or the outrageously funny music video, this song will
definitely make you laugh. Fat is a parody of Michael Jackson's song, Bad, and not
only does the song follow the same rhythm and beat of Michael Jackson's hit, but it
also has many similarities in the music video. In addition, the song and video is done
by parody-master Weird Al Yankovic so you know it will give you many laughs. Fat is
quite possibly the best parody to ever be made.

2. U + Me = Us (Calculus) 2Gether

Although U + Me = Us (Calculus) may not be a parody of any song, the band actually
is. 2Gether is a parody of all heart-throbbing boy bands. It has each member that a
boy band needs to be successful: the heartthrob, the cute one, the shy one, the rebel,
and the older brother. What makes there song definitely worth listening to is the fact is
that it is what made this boy band so popular in 2000. In addition, the song talks about
Calculus and using U + Me = Us when that is simply basic algebra and not calculus.
The lyrics are also worth listening to and will definitely give you a laugh.

3. Whatever I Like Barack Obama

So maybe Barack Obama does not sing this song, you can not deny that it is still a
hilarious video about the new presidential elect. This song is a spoof on the popular
hip hop song, Whatever You Like, by TI. Whats great about this song is not that it is
one catchy piece of work, but how impressive the singer can impersonate Obama. In
addition, the lyrics are also pretty catchy and it follows TI's song pretty well which
makes this song something you should hear at least once.

4. Ka-Blamo Incredibad

Incredibad, The Lonely Island crew, are the masterminds behind this hilarious piece
of work. This song is one of the reasons that have led to Incredibad's success, causing
them to get movie deals, their own TV show, and skits on Saturday Night Live. Not
only is this song catchy, but it gives you a new word to put in your daily vocabulary,
Ka-Blamo. This is definitely a song to check out because it's pretty ka-blamo.

5. Like a Surgeon Weird Al Yankovic
Like a Surgeon is another work of art by the parody mastermind, Weird Al Yankovic.
Being a parody of Like a Virgin by Madonna, this song will have you laughing the
whole way and at the same time, reminding you to be glad that your doctor is not
Weird Al himself because if he is, you will certainly be in trouble. Anyways, this song
has some of the best lyrics around and you know it will be of great quality because it
is by Weird Al Yankovic. If you decide to skip over this song, you will certainly regret

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