10 Pool Party Ideas by aihaozhe2


									If you're thinking of holding a pool party and would desire some pool party ideas,
then take a look at the inventory below to provide you with suggestions and
inspiration. You should tailor the suggestions accordingly based on whether your
event is indoors or out-of-doors.

1. First things first, a pool party is possibly dangerous so based on the size of your
gathering, consider employing a life guard. You could approach one at the local
leisure centre and propose to appoint him privately for very little money.

2. Mail out your invites on cut outs of fish, goggles, sea shells or any additional sea
related creature.

3. For the more imaginative, you could inscribe your invitations on paper and stuff
them inside sea shells to give to your buddies, this really get them in the mood near
the beginning.

4. Maybe you could put your invites in empty bottles of water without the label on.
Add some sand to create a message in a bottle effect!

5. You must attempt to decorate your pool area in some sort of theme! Maybe the
seaside or a desert island.. Use props in accordance to your chosen theme like a
treasure chest and a skull and cross bones flag or even surf boards and a surf shack!

6. Throw in a number of baby rubber ducks for funny effect!

7. Set a Volleyball net and some Basketball hoops. This must ideally be normal. Get
some beach balls for some fun games.

8. You should purchase in lots and lots of water balloons.

9. This is the one time you can use water guns without the danger of getting into

10. Above all bear in mind the safety aspects of throwing such a party. If it is being
held outside then remember to have sunscreen on standby. Also remember to have a
life guard at the ready!

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