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15 Good Reasons To Leave A Website


15 good reasons why visitors may be leaving your website.

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									                        15 Reasons To Leave Your Website
Why is your bounce rate so high? Why are your visitors leaving so quickly after only just arriving?
We have put together 15 negative reasons why your visitors might be running for the exit!

   1. Slow Loading Times – You shouldn’t have to wait too long for a web page to load, there’s
       nothing worse then looking at a blank page, too long and you would have lost a potential
   2. Pop-Ups – If you are bombarding visitors with pop-ups as soon as they arrive at a site, then
       you’re going to lose that potential customer as quick as a flash.
   3. Busy Sites – Is you site just too busy, bombarding your visitors with flashing banner,
       images, ads and scrolling text, will be enough to put your visitors scrambling for the exit
   4. Flash Intros – Have you lost your visitor at the front door, if you just have a flash intro and it
       take a day and a half to load, you can bet your visitor will be long gone by the time it has
   5. Sounds- Greeted with loud or inappropriate music as soon as a visitor arrives at a web page
       is another good reason to scare that visitor away from your site.
   6. Stagnant Content – Content that hasn’t been updated or the last update was 2 or more years
   7. Incorrect Content – following a link or ad to your site, which displays completely different
       content to the ad or link description.
   8. Lack of Content – A very sparse site, just basic content, but not enough to answer your
   9. Poor Grammar – There’s nothing worse then a site that looks and reads like it has been spun
       from another article or written by someone whose first language isn’t English.
   10. Typos – Too many typos can be another big turn-off for your website visitors.
   11. Registration For Information- Having to register before you can view the content or access
       the information you originally came to the site for can cause your visitors to hit the back
   12. Vintage Backgrounds – Does you site still have the look and feel of a site built 10 or more
       years ago with too much going on in your background.
   13. Poor Contrast – Does your background clash with your text colour or make it very hard to
       read. A red background with black text is a good example.
   14. Very Large Images- Has your site have large heavy images that take too long to load,
       another good reason to leave asap.
   15. Poor Browser Configuration – have you tested your site in all of the major browsers, if not
       you may find that the configuration may not be correct or content overlaps.

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