; RCA DRC630N Portable DVD Player
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RCA DRC630N Portable DVD Player


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RCA DRC630N Portable DVD
Since it's television systems were declared the national standard in 1953, RCA has gone on to
continually develop and improve on the products that it helped make every-day appliances. RCA's
portable DVD players have a number of original features that set them apart from other players. RCA's
DRC630N can play mp3's and display JPEG images through its integrated USB input. Other features
include - 7.0" Widescreen LCD Slim Design Portable DVD Player
 Durable, active, adjustable screen allows viewing of video at different angles TV Guardian
 This Foul Language filter is built in and ready to activate via the Internet. Once configured, the DVD
player will scan the subtitle data and mute the TV sound when offensive language is detected Single
Cable Connection
 With just one cable you can connect the two screens together Games
 This unit has 30 integrated games Dual Headphone Jacks
 Two users can enjoy the rich, full sound of their favorite DVDs, CDs, and mp3s without disturbing the
rest of the family Accessory Kit
 Home & Car Power Supply, game pad, AV Cables, single cable screen connector, carrying bag,
headrest attachment
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