English Entry 3 - text matching _word document_ by malj


									Example lesson plan: E3 Functional Skills English
Section 1.01 Duration – 1.5 hours

Topic of lesson:                                 Aims (teacher’s intention):

      Demonstrating the FS S&L criteria               Recognise different text types by their organisational features
      Recognising text type and their                 Identify purpose of texts by organisational features
       features                                        To analysis criteria for FS discussion
                                                       To determine how criteria could fit into class discussion
                                                       To facilitate discussion opportunities

Materials and equipment required:                Learning Outcomes:

Examples of different text types, flip chart     At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
paper, pens, computers, FS skills standard,
interactive whiteboard                                 Identify different text types
                                                       Identify various purpose of texts
                                                       Demonstrate understanding and awareness of FS discussion criteria
                                                       Use FS discussion criteria for discussion purposes

Strategies for differentiation                   Assessment methods (how learning outcomes will be assessed):

All students to work at own levels on specific   Tutor observation and feedback
areas for development.
Pair work, differentiated resources and          Self evaluations
activities, extension activities

                                                                        Lesson Outline

Duration    Subject matter/content                Teacher Activity                                   Learner Activity                     Resources

5 mins     Register                                                                  Listen and ask questions
                                                                                                                                Interactive white board
           Inform students of lesson   Explain details of lesson
           aims, content and

                                       Show FS S&L E3 criteria – facilitate
           Group warm up activity:
                                       discussion on examples of meeting skill
           FS S&L criteria             standard and coverage and range.

                                       allocate learners into groups
                                       (differentiate according to speaking
                                                                                     Work in groups to document ideas on each   FS E3 S&L criteria projected on
                                       and writing ability) – each group
                                                                                     coverage and range                         board
15 mins                                shares ideas from the coverage and
                                                                                                                                Pens , flip chart paper
                                                                                     Give feedback
                                       Facilitate feedback to check

                                       Put mind maps up around the room for

                                                                                     Contribute to discussion to demonstrate
                                                                                     knowledge and awareness of text            Interactive white board
                                       Teacher-led discussion on types of text
10 mins    Text types - discussion                                                                                              Assortment of text to use as
                                       – idea’s from group responses on board
                                                                                     Practice S&L skills                        examples

          Text types activity –
          Whole group
                                                                                                                               Text Matching Exercise
20 mins   Matching text features and   Explain and facilitate completion of        Discuss and complete activity as a class
                                                                                                                               (available in teacher resources)
          purpose of text              activity

          Individual /pair work
                                       Separate students to work in pairs or
                                       individually according to ability.          Complete worksheets. Correct as necessary   Various worksheets as required
30 mins   understanding text types
                                       Give feedback on individual and pair                                                    Computers, internet

                                       Ask questions to check understanding
          Review of aims and                                                       Respond to demonstrate understanding and    Review of aims and outcomes
10 mins
          outcomes                                                                 awareness                                   on board



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