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									Millionaire Memory

        Dave Farrow broke the Guinness
          World Record by memorizing
          52 decks of cards with focus on
          memorization techniques. In
          late 2008, he broke his own
          record by memorizing 59 decks
          of cards. Out of the 3,068 cards
          where he was allowed to get 18
          wrong, he only missed one.
          Incredible memory, isn’t it?
Millionaire Memory
          A great memory has many
            benefits since it can help you
            with your business, work and it
            can help you with school and
            life in general. A good memory
            can help you record things
            precisely and reduces the
            chance of errors. You could
            also gain more confidence and
            remember things well which can
            work to your advantage. A good
            memory can help you complete
            tasks effectively.
Millionaire Memory

          Dave Farrow’s Millionaire Memory
            proves to be a blessing to
            people with poor memory. This
            wonderful technology
            theatrically enhances memory
            without supplement. Nothing
            magical about it except its
            results. It is a system that helps
            boost your learning and
            recalling power and your
Millionaire Memory

          The best way to enhancing your
            mind and memory and protect
            yourself from memory
            deterioration is to ascertain that
            you are taking optimum levels
            of nutrients and natural mind
            and memory enhancers such as
            Glutamine, Gingko Biloba,
            DMAe and Choline,
            Pyroglutamate, Serine,
            Phosphatidyl, DHA and B
Millionaire Memory

         The best part about this program
           is it is simple and friendly. It
           helps you learn and adapt
           quickly, is applicable to people
           of all ages, improved recall
           capacity, learn several
           languages fast, remember
           important names, events and
           dates, effectivity in public
           speaking, succeed in major
           exams, improve confidence and
           most of all it has no association
           with academic background.

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