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					Volkswagen is, without a speck of doubt, one of the gigantic automobile corporations
in the international arena. The Volkswagen Touran is an extremely impressive
compact multipurpose vehicle (MPV) that is primarily based on a fifth generation
vertically stretched Golf Mk5 from the garage of the same company, and is sold
throughout the European market and in other selected regions of the world. The
Touran was stylishly launched during the year 2003 to refill the vacated cell of the
esteemed line up of the Volkswagen models, just below the large Volkswagen Sharan
MPV. The Touran, when it was released, had a seating arrangement of either five or
seven people, but currently in some of the major markets the five seat Touran version
is not available anymore. The Volkswagen Touran can be interpreted as an extended
and comprehensive version of the famous Golf Plus (from the same company). May
be due to this reason, the Touran is sometimes referred to as the Golf Touran, like in
Japan. The name of the Touran has been derived from the combination of two words-
Tour and Sharan (the elder brother MPV by Volkswagen).
Besides being incorporated with several world class amenities, the Touran has been
specifically fitted with high end technologically innovative equipment known as the
Park Assist. This particular device helps the driver of the Touran in parking the car
with enhanced application of enhanced application of sensors and other related
electronic gadgets. The Touran uses both the petrol and diesel versions of car engines
of famous TSI and TDI labels, with horse power capacity ranging from 102 to 170 as
per the kilowatt requirements. It is also available with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
engines. The Touran Hy motion is an exclusive Hydrogen development concept of the
Volkswagen R & D. The Touran Hy motion has an advanced hybrid battery that is
made up of nickel capable of producing 80 kilowatts, with a top speed of about 140
km/hr. The Touran has also got a special commercial version where its basic design
has been exploited by Volkswagen to manufacture another automobile product,
The Volkswagen Touran has got a posh roomy cabin and boasts of a pretty good
flexibility quotient. The build of the car is strikingly classy and suave. A long drive on
the Touran means a beautiful experience of both comfort and control. On the flipside,
its newer counterparts churned from other multinationals offer the passengers the
option of more versatile seating arrangement. Moreover, the ordinary quality engine
incorporated in the Touran lacks that punch in power generation capacity and its
refinement details are unimpressive. The different critics of the Volkswagen Touran
also opine that it has got a sort of bland design. The Touran has been awarded the
prestigious title of the compact van of the year in 2005 organized by What Car?

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