Vintage Harley Davidson Apparel; Identify an Imitation by aihaozhe2


									Harley Davidson will go down in history as being one of the most famous and well
known brand names in the world. Harley Davidson has been known for their
commitment to detail and quality ever since they became established in 1931. Due to
this, many companies create imitations of Harley's quality apparel and other gifts such
as helmets, boots, and bike accessories. It is vital that you become aware of the signs
for authentic Harley Davidson vintage clothing because knock-offs are everywhere!

Below you will find several tips to help you identify what's real from what's fake. By
keeping a few helpful signs in mind, you will be able to spot imitation Harley
Davidson from a mile away.

Tip #1: Study the Harley Davidson Logo

For decades, the bar and shield logo has been around. In fact, it's only changed a little
since its original design back in 1931. When shopping for vintage Harley Davidson
apparel, be sure to know the exact colors, shape and details of the genuine Harley
Davidson Logo. Imitations often alter the logo first. As an example, a common logo
variation includes the misspelling of Motorcycle. On a knock-off you will see this
written in the center of the logo, "Harley Davidson Motor Cycle." Notice the space
between Motor Cycle? Always check the logo and look for slight alterations. This is
the best way to identify an imitation!

Tip #2: Check the price. If you think it's too good to be true, you are probably right
with that assumption!

Pay special attention to this tip when purchasing vintage or antique Harley Davidson
apparel. When in good shape, vintage Harley clothing can be quite valuable and
expensive! The same goes for antique bikes and parts. If you feel that the price is an
incredible bargain, the chances of it being authentic are lessened.

Tip #3: Pay special attention to the detail and quality of the clothing.

As mentioned earlier, Harley Davidson is known for producing quality products. This
has been the company's philosophy since the very beginning so if the article of
clothing you are considering buying is of poor quality, its probably an imitation.
Authentic vintage Harley Davidson clothing will be made with great detail and
include real leather, accurate stitching work and high quality lining.

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