Using the original Mercedes diagnostic tools without the PC by aihaozhe2


									If you think there is not free-hand-enough when you come to scan the Mercedes car
with the original Actia tablet PC from Mercedes, then, you can use the Star Diagnosis
to replace the Actia tablet PC where can allow the technician to be more free hand
during operating the equipments.

Adapter for connecting the Actia Caesar D2 or D3 Multiplexer directly to a Laptop or
Desktop PC with RS232 (comport) instead to the original Actia tablet PC which is
already outdated and have a very low performance compared with actual Desktop or
Laptop models.

When use such device, there are not needed to install any extra software, no need to
add any add-on modules, no need to add any extra parts or accessories. And which is
even not needed any training for operating it, any car repairing technician can do it

Such product was from my browsing via ebay to get it. Where I often share with my
friend it needs to browse ebay while free, it would often get surprise from many
home-make products!

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