Competition between marble and granite countertops to know which is better by partheeforever


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									Competition between marble and granite countertops to know which is better
Most of the customers use granite and marble for their kitchens and restrooms. Marble and
granite looks rich and both were stylish in nature so the kitchen looks rich and both were in
different colors and different costs. Granite countertops consist of different colors and it has
different sizes both were helpful in decoration of kitchens.

While buying this stone the customer should know the differences between the marble and the
granite countertops the customer should feel the differences and little information about both
stones and which stone is best. Then only the customer can buy without any fear. So the
customer should enquire while buying marble and granite countertops.

The advantage and disadvantage of marble

Marble is made up of metamorphic rock and the essential element that is present in the marble
is baking soda the baking soda mainly prepared from calcium carbonate is useful for painting.
There are many elements that are present in forming the marble. The marble used to deposit
the calcium. The stone that comes naturally from the earth and it is formed by moderate
temperature and the force in the earth. This is the valuable information about formation of
marble and its advantages and disadvantages.

This rock is helpful to heat and crush and it is useful in some of the things like tablets, paper,
plaster of Paris these are the things the rock is used. Marble always looks good and rich and
always marble is very strong in nature and it is spongy. Marble can destroy by some of the
strongest acids, temperatures these are the things that easily destroy the marble. The layer of
the marble is useful annually. No chemical should be used to clean the marble countertops.
Some of the waters, temperatures, citric acids and strongest acids destroy the marble.

The advantages and disadvantages about granite

This rock is also made up of metamorphic rock. Granite is a combination of some of the
minerals like quartz, silicon, feldspar mica and so on. The granite is formed under heavy force
and very high temperature the granite is formed. Granite looks richer and it keeps your kitchen
more royal. It is not spongy compare to marble and it is fight against acids and the chemicals. In
granite the mineral quartz is present and granite is very strong and stiffness in the rock
compare to marble it is stronger in everything.

Granite is stronger and it bares soil and so on compare to marble. If it is not useful then it
automatically selects another one to in charge the granite countertops and flooring of the
granite. Granite always maintains properly and with care only granite is produced. Granite stays
many years without any damages. The customer used granite properly then no need of coating
The granite is extracted by default. Granite is totally different from marble it cannot be
transported in some of the places. It is straightly extracted from Arizona, Mexico and few
northern states. Granite is easy to transport. In some of the countries more granites is used but
everything costs high.

Now you know the idea which is best marble or granite option is yours

Marble consist of so many disadvantages compare to granite countertops. And granite is
stronger than marble so for each and every kitchen the granite is more helpful. But marble
gives only looks of royal but granite is not like marble it looks both royal and stronger.


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