Useful Car Buying Tips by aihaozhe2


									Analyze carefully what are the key criteria you are looking for in a car; is it the look,
comfort, price, safety, reliability or status? After finalizing this, it will be much easier
for you to narrow down the specific model/(s) that you are interested. It is also
advantageous to search around the websites for useful car buying tips.

Tabled below append some good car buying tips for novice in car buying world,

Getting a used car,
1. Visit the second hand car dealers nearby which you have received good feedbacks
from those whom have deal with before. Check out the car centre personally. If you
have spotted any car of your liking, check out the age, the mechanical condition, the
engine, vehicle mileage, the interior condition and the previous owners of the car.
2. You may even spot a used car for sale through the newspaper or online website.
Call up the contact number provided and arrange for an appointment to check out the
car yourself personally.
3. Buying from a private seller carries higher risk as the mechanical condition of the
car may be unknown and hidden; it is always advisable to have your own mechanical
to inspect the vehicle before finalizing the purchase. There are unscrupulous sellers
whom will not disclose the problems but try to cover them up, hoping to pass them on
when selling the car to you.
4. Request for a complete history of the vehicle (service and maintenance records,
accident records, wear and tear records, outstanding liens and its previous owners) .
This will provide some good ideas on how the car has been maintained, and what are
the potential risks in advance.

Getting a new car,
5. The best time to make the purchase :
- December : car dealers will cut down car prices to attract buyers as people tend to
receive annual bonus end of year, and their spending power is high then
- July -> September where car dealers sell off cars at lower price to allow space for
new car models.
6. Specify your budget. This will definitely help to narrow the choices which you
can select from.
7. Check out the best financing deals from at least 3 reputable financing institutions
before you decide for one.
8. Check out the auto rebates on new cars which you can take advantage of. Each
different car model carries different rebate amount and policy for their new car.

At the end of this article, I'd like to share cool websites with more tips on topics like
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