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									Buying a used car instead of new cars is definitely one of the best ways to save your
money, while getting the car of your choice. No matter what are your needs and what
is your budget, the present day used car market will provide you with options that will
cater to all your requirements in the best manner, at a much lesser price.

There are several reasons for which you should buy a used car from a reputed and
reliable car sales company instead of a new one. Few of these reasons include:

Save money: When you buy a used car, you definitely save huge amounts of money
compared to buying a new car. Moreover, nowadays you can find almost all the
popular car models in the used car market, offered at an amazing price. When your
favorite car is available in the used car market at a much reduced price, and is in a
good condition as well, then what is the use of investing in a new car?

The high depreciation rate in the value of a new car: As soon as a new car is out of the
showroom, it already loses about15 to 20% of its value. With increasing time, its
value decreases. If you plan to sell your car after 2 to 3 years, you will have to dispose
it at almost half the original price or even lesser. Therefore, buying a second hand cars
proves to be more cost effective as it is available at a lesser price.

Warranties and value added services: Nowadays warranties are not only limited to
new cars. You can easily locate a car sale company that will offer you an extended
warranty and other values added services on used cars, at few extra dollars, which will
enhance your car buying experience. However, you need to go through the warranty
policy carefully and checkout what all are included and excluded from the warranty.

Lesser car insurance amount: The amount that you will have to invest in the insurance
of your used Suzuki will be lesser than the insurance amount for new Suzuki cars.
Therefore, when you buy a used car, you can save money on its insurance as well.

There are a number of online and local car dealers who deal in used cars. However, in
order to have a pleasant car buying experience, you should make your purchase from
a reliable and reputed dealer only. Also, buy a car only after checking it out
thoroughly for defects and damages

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