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									There are so many stickers applications in everyday life, start from mobile phone
stickers, laptop stickers, stickers for toys and stickers for vehicles. Furthermore, as a
function in terms of use, stickers can behave as a promotional tool, security tool on
the highway, campaign tools, tools in education, etc.

But of the many applications and functions of the sticker, we will discuss it for our
cars, car stickers.. At this moment there are several different types of stickers that can
be used to improve our performance and prestige cars, the followings are :

Window graphics, transparent car stickers that installed upon your glass window car
that help you to reduce the intensity of incoming sunlight into car so the temperature
inside the car is not too hot, preventing the car's interior color becomes dull
prematurely and protects driver's or passenger's privacy, you can see outside but
people outside can not see you, this sticker made from a type of micro-perforated
sheets [similar to vinyl or latex]

Hood decals, car stickers installed on the hood of the car, this sticker function solely
as an accessory to enhance the image of the vehicle and its owner, hood decal material
can be made of vinyl or carbon fiber, while from the design can be vary, ranging from
tribal art, flame, fireball, country flags, comic characters, etc.
But, the most important of all this is the use of hood decal can be as a complement of
color base of your car body paint, and whenever you like, you can change its image
design anytime you want without damaging your car body paint

Fullside decals, car stickers are placed beside the car body, similar to the hood decals,
decal fullside comes with a wide selection of colors and designs in accordance with
your wishes, ranging from tribal forms, graphics, flame, or whatever you like
the appearances fullside decal will be more remarkable if the design and color are
customized with a hood decal and paint color of the car body itself

There are several reasons why car stickers is often and widely use to modify of
people's cars ?
cheap price with reliable quality, faster in process and if you get bored, you can easily
change it whenever you want

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