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					It's not even thirty years ago that the notion of a two car family was seen as a little far-
fetched. For the majority of families, even up until the late 1970s, there was one car
for the whole family and that was it. Back then there wasn't the demand for families to
have two cars. Generally, there was less need to travel 30 years ago, there were fewer
people working in roles that required travel, supermarkets were few and far between
so there were more facilities in villages and there were fewer amenities that required a
car to reach. Obviously this has changed over recent years: two car families are now
considered by many to be the norm.
If your family doesn't happen to own two cars but you are considering purchasing
another, then it may make sense to buy a left hand drive from 1st Car Imports. A left
hand drive car would offer many benefits. Firstly, there are the fantastic savings that
can be had from importing a left hand drive car. Secondly, a left hand drive car would
provide the perfect vehicle for European travel. This could be ideal if you live part of
the year outside the UK or if you frequently go on holiday abroad.

A family which owns a left hand drive car and a right hand drive car is really the
perfect setup. The existing right hand drive car could be used as the main vehicle for
here in the UK. This would leave the left hand drive car as a second car, a car to use
when the main car is not available. The left hand drive car would really come into its
own when you want to travel abroad. You'd avoid the hassle of hiring and insuring a
car from somewhere else and you would have the perfect layout for driving on
Europe's roads, you can just get in your left hand drive car and go.

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