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					Truck bed liners protect your pickup from the damage that any kind of hauling causes.
One option for liners is the plastic drop in liner. Here's how plastic liners are better
than other types and what you should look for in the best liner.


No material can protect better than the thick plastic used for drop in liners. Almost
indestructible, the plastic also absorbs shock better than most other liners. That's one
reason it's superior at dent prevention. You know, preventing dents is almost more
important than preventing scratches. That's because scratches are so much easier to
repair than are dents.

Easier To Move Cargo

If you need to slide cargo to handle it, a plastic liner is the way to go. If you need
non-skid surfaces, another type of liner may be better. On the other hand, it is easy to
add a rubber mat or even a carpet mat to provide the non-skid feature over the plastic
liner. That way you get the protection of the liner plus the added features of the mat.

Custom Fit

Plastic liners must be custom fit. That's why most popular newer trucks have several
available options for plastic linings. Liner for older trucks may be less readily
available. The custom fit makes for a really finished look to any pickup. Some truck
owners would argue that the plastic custom liners look better than any other option.

Not Permanent

Spray on liners promote the permanent nature of spray liners as a real plus. But what
if you change your mind and decide you want something else? Too bad if you have a
spray on liner. It's there for good. On the other hand a plastic liner is easy to replace.
Since they cost so little compared to some liners, it's an option to just pull out a
damaged liner and slip in a replacement for a brand new look.

Damage From The Liner

For all the advantages of these liners, here are problems to watch for as you choose
one. Look for a perfect fit. Poor fitting liners often move with the wind. That often
produces annoying noise or even worse. A poor fitting liner may vibrate and wear
away the paint underneath. That's a perfect place for the start of rust and corrosion.

That potential for corrosion under the liner means you should also make sure the bed
continues to drain properly. A liner that hides water collecting underneath may do
more harm than good.
Truck bed liners come in many designs. No liner protects better than the right plastic
liner. Just make sure the model you choose fits properly and doesn't trap water
underneath. One possible option is the DualLiner which comes in parts instead of
being in one piece.
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