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      The Case for Mature Workers
         Barbara Hoenig, CVS Caremark
Consultant on Mature Workers and Workforce Development

                       AHHRARI Workforce Summit III
                       November 20, 2008
CVS Caremark strives to improve the
quality of human life.
CVS Caremark is…

 The nation's premier integrated pharmacy services
provider, combining one of the nation's leading
pharmaceutical services companies with the country’s
largest pharmacy chain, with more than 190,000

 CVS/pharmacy is the nation’s largest retail pharmacy
chain, with more than 6,300 stores from coast to coast.

 Committed to the recruitment and retention of older
workers in careers at all levels.

 Aligned with leading workforce agencies and partners
in the field of aging.

Our Vision

“We strive to improve the quality
of human life.”

CVS Caremark goes all out to be
recognized as…

 Top Customer Service Company

 Best Place to Work

 One of the most influential forces in
 reshaping the U.S. healthcare system

Profile: CVS Caremark Mature Workers

                        Job Categories for Employees Over 50

    Front Store Positions      Pharmacy Positions       DC Positions     Office Positions


                  35%                                              55%

Mature Workers Matter

Top Qualities of CVS Caremark Mature Workers:
 Superior work ethic
 Loyalty
 Maturity in the workplace
 Serve as strong role models for
  younger staff
 Excellent at customer service
 Flexible schedules
 Add diversity to our workforce &
  to mirror the customer base

CVS Workforce Initiatives Dept.

               What’s next ?
              SCSEP Program
            CAPS Apprenticeship
          Pathways to Pharmacy
         Regional Learning Centers
          Strategic Partnerships
                  Incumbent Disabled   Mature
 Youth   Veterans Workers Workers
CVS Workforce Initiatives Dept.

 WI – the liaison between the CVS field
  operations team and partner agencies
   • 16 dedicated staff from all over the US
   • 6 regional learning center managers
   • Consultants supporting in various areas
   • Numerous national workforce partnerships

CVS Strategies for Recruiting &
Retaining Mature Workers
   Partnerships with public-sector and nonprofit workforce development
     – Easter Seals, NCOA, National Center on Black Aged, National
         Association for Hispanic Elderly, AARP, Goodwill, and IAJVS
     – Community Colleges, Universities and Colleges of Pharmacy
     – DOL: ODEP, Women’s Bureau and Office of Apprenticeship, BRG
   Workplace flexibility – flexible work hours, part-time benefits,
    snowbird program
   Mentoring programs
   Lifelong Learning Accounts (LiLAs)
   Community outreach – job fairs, presentations at aging and workforce
   Sensitizing staff – making the business case for mature workers to
    Operations and HR staff

Winning Strategies & Best Practices

 What are the winning strategies and best
  practices for attracting and retaining
  mature workers?
    5 areas:
      – Recruitment
      – Workplace culture
      – Benefits – health & financial
      – Alternative work arrangements
      – Special opportunities for retirees

Best Practices: Recruitment

     Cornell University > Placement agencies and retirement
     Lee Memorial Health System > Senior centers
     Bon Secours Richmond Health System > Advertising campaign
     Blue Cross Blue Shield of Chicago > Web sites and retiree pool
     MIT > Job fairs and workshops
     Atlantic Health > 1,000-Hour Club: retirees work up to 999
                    hours yearly without losing retiree benefits
     Beaumont Hospitals > AARP job fairs; contacts retired
     Mass. General Hospital > Placement agencies, nonprofit
                            employment and training agencies
     Mitre Corporation > Retirees on call in “Reserves at the Ready”
                                    source: Linking the Generations, AARP Best
                                    Employers for Workers over 50. AARP 2008

Best Practices: Workplace Culture

     SC Johnson > Temporary assignments in other departments to
                    develop new skills
     Lee Memorial Health System > Awards for long service
     Bon Secours > “50+ Advantage” column in monthly employee
                    newsletter showcases mature workers
     Deere & Company > HR systems/tools to help employees
                    become effective managers of own careers
     Blue Cross Blue Shield of Chicago > Special equipment for
                    sight-impaired employees, interpreters for
                    speech-impaired employees
     MIT > Assisted-listening devices to accommodate employees
                    with disabilities
     Atlantic Health > Medicare workshops; nurses given formal
                    recognition and financial rewards

Best Practices: Benefits

     Mercy Health System > Employees working at least 20 hours
                   per week have medical, prescription-drug, dental,
                   and long-term care coverage
     Adecco Group North America > Also, offers 401(K) retirement
                   savings plan with employee match to employees
                   working at least 30 hours per week; wellness
                   programs and referrals for child and elder care
     Scripps Health > Also, offers health benefits for retires both
                   under and over 65 and flexible-spending accounts
     Beaumont Hospitals > Short-term time off without pay and
                   long-term leaves of absence for caregiving

Best Practices: Alternative Work

     Cornell University > Flextime for full and part-time
            employees, job sharing, telecommuting, and
            formal phased-retirement program
     SC Johnson > similar to Cornell
     First Horizon National Corporation > similar to Cornell
     Bon Secours > Also, phased-retirement program with three
            options: 1) retiring at age 65 but continuing part-time
            while collecting pension, 2) retiring and rehiring without
            jeopardizing retirement checks, or 3) working past age
            70 ½ and beginning pension regardless of working status
     Atlantic Health > Formal phased-retirement program for full
            time employees with change from full-time to part-time
            to temporary status before retirement; can move to part-
            time work on a permanent or temporary basis

Best Practices: Opportunities for

     Cornell > Staff that regularly communicates with retirees and
                    plans activities
     Scripps > Staff person responsible for retiree relations who
                    plans workshops and offers retirees temporary
     Lee Memorial Health System > Retirement planning workshops
     First Horizon National Corporation > Offers temporary work
                    and consulting assignments and contract work to
                    its retirees


     Gray Matters – As baby boomers age, the workplace
      will be grayer – some sectors grayer than others.
      Despite the economic downturn, and once recovery
      begins, there will still be a persistent shortage of
      workers in education and healthcare.
     Older workers will continue to seek new careers,
      whether by extending their relations with their
      present employers in some creative way or opting
      for new careers.


     Ingredients for success
      –   Workplace flexibility
      –   Access to eldercare solutions
      –   Phased retirement
      –   Workplace accommodations
      –   Knowledge transfer
      –   Innovative training

CVS Caremark

    Talent is Ageless!

    Barbara Hoenig   202-489-6928


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