Drug Dealing BD5 A5 Newby by chrismayoh

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									  Drug Dealing in BD5
 They’ll get              No they won’t.
                     Calls to Crime Stoppers
me if I report      are anonymous and free.
  them...            Even the Police do not
                        know who called.

       It will always be
      like this in BD5...
                                It’s up to you.

   We tell and        Only 4 calls out of
    nothing         100 to Crime Stoppers
                   are about drugs in BD5.
   happens...      People are not reporting

   It will not
                            It will if you
   affect my
                             don’t act.
Drug Dealing in BD5
            Don’t turn a blind eye
     Your child will be affected by drugs
     Together we can make a difference

              REPORT IT NOW
No-one will know it’s you - not even the Police

  Police will act on anonymous information

     Your call counts - ring 0800 555 111

  Report online: www.crimestoppers-uk.org

            Don’t turn a blind eye
Find out how we can make the change together

             You are invited to our
            Drug Information Event
          Tuesday 18th January 2011
                 6pm to 8pm
               SpACE Building
            Newby Primary School

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