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									Performance Toyota Corolla Clutch For Higher Torque and Power

Performance Toyota corolla clutch is used to add extra horsepower to a Toyota
Corolla. If you want to enhance the holding power of the factory transmission and
clutch set up, a performance clutch assembly is the right option because only this can
handle the extra torque. Performance clutch kits include a pressure plate, throw-out
bearing, pilot bearing, clutch alignment and the clutch itself.

Toyota Corolla Clutch: Important Parts

A good performance Toyota Corolla clutch offers substantially increased power with a
small increase in pedal pressure. The manufacturers of performance clutches design
heavy duty clutches with a very high clamp load. They re-engineer the clutch kit for
high performance street and racing use.

High Torque Clutch Cover: Performance clutch kits are designed to achieve an around
30% increase in clamp load as compared to factory-fitted kits. These clutch covers are
made of ductile materials so that one can achieve high burst strength at all
temperature ranges.

Aluminum Flywheels: A performance clutch is an excellent upgrade for a Toyota
Corolla. The steel flywheels that come with the Toyota Corolla are prone to shattering
under very aggressive driving conditions. Performance clutch kits come with
aluminum flywheels that are good for road racers who look for quicker revs. These
flywheels also complement turbocharged cars that experience lags.

High Torque Organic Clutch Plate: High-torque organic clutch plates have very high
heat resistant properties. These plates are ideal for tracks and street use, since they are
made of high-strength fibers and heavy duty springs.

Clutch Release Bearing: The clutch release bearing in a performance Toyota Corolla
clutch kit is made to handle high torque and offers quiet and reliable performance.

Fitting Toyota Corolla Clutch - Opt For A Professional

It is better to enlist the services of a professional to get the clutch kit installed because
one has to remove the existing transmission to install the new clutch kit. Once the
transmission is removed, one has to remove the stock setup and install the new
performance kit, using a clutch alignment tool. One also needs to ensure that the
flywheel is clean in order to prevent slipping during gear shifts.

Modacar offers a wide range of performance kits, including Toyota Corolla Clutch
kits, and other aftermarket components. The company has more than a decade of
experience in providing performance clutch systems for racing and street use. is a
one-stop shop for car owners to increase the speed, power and torque of their vehicles.

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