Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Your Volkswagen Car by aihaozhe2


									The pop culture icon car, the Volkswagen, took little time to forge a place in people's
heart. No sooner after its manufacturing, it accredited a whole new cult of fans who
simply loved it for its style. Being a VW aficionado myself (I have 5 Beetles), I'm
always upbeat about my Volkswagen cars maintenance. I would like to share this
passion with you all and put in picture the Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Your
Volkswagen Car. This would include some ‘go/no-go' instructions and ‘ins-and-outs'
tips that would help you in the keep-up of your beloved German Beetle/ Fox/ Golf.

First: Changing the oil of your Volkswagen regularly ultimately results in its longevity.
If you have a Volkswagen Beetle that runs on diesel, it is advisable to change the oil
after every 7,000-8,000 km. For a 2007/2008 Beetle, you can run it for as much as
12,500 km without changing oil. However, with the gasoline powered engine VW, it
is judicious to change oil after every 8,000-9,000 km. Oil your Volkswagen on a
regular basis (like I do) and ensure a wobble free operation. My personal experience
however says that Volkswagen operates best when run with Synthetic oil. I used
synthetic oil in one of my Beetle and till date it runs without throwing any tantrums.

Second: When compared to the regular octane fuel, high octane fuel compliments the
Volkswagen's turbo charged engine better. However if your VW has a Turbo charged
Direct Injection, acronym for TDI (the TDI symbol is marked on you car), the basic
octane fuel would work. The Octane fuel costs more, but your sweet little Bug is
worth it!

Third: Yes, the Volkswagen does have a nice cooling/heating system, but it may
become unproductive when not taken due care of. Whether the Volkswagen car has a
Diesel, Gasoline or Synthetic engine, flush off the engine coolants regularly to avoid
hampered trail and not to forget the sparkplugs, points, and valves adjustment. Even if
your Volkswagen is years old, you don't need a mechanic to do all this. Just squat
down, do that little fixing, and ride smoothly.

Fourth: It pains to hear that cacophonic sound coming from your Volkswagen. When
the axle bushings of the car worn off, the rear end produces noise. So when you hear
those jarring sounds from your VW every time there's a bump, change the axle
bushings immediately.

Fifth: The rusty floor pans can cause all that leaking and cracking. As this is often the
case with old Beetles, check them regularly. The VW floor pans can easily be replaced
and neither do they cost much. However, they may cost you a lot of inconvenience if
not looked into timely. So next time your Volkswagen complains of leakage or rusting,
just crouch beneath it and check the floor pans.

Well seldom does a VW go to scrap as there are many who like to buy the old wagon
to include it in their vintage collection. The best part of the Volkswagen car is that it is
as hip in the recent times as it was in its hey days. This people's car is liked majorly
because of its easy maintenance. All it needs is your TLC and it's yours!

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