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At work. In class. Find what you need with a tap. The Echo smartpen from Livescribe records
everything you hear, say and write, and links your audio recordings to your notes, so you can find what
you need.Tap it. Get it. The Echo smartpen records everything you hear and write, so you can find
what you need with a simple tap. Ideal for meetings, conferences, or classes, this compact tool is as
easy to carry as traditional pen-and-paper, but smarter. Replay your recorded audio anytime,
anywhere, with a quick tap on your notes.Save, Organize, and Search Using the Livescribe Desktop,
you can upload, save and play back your notes and audio from your PC or Mac. Type in specific words
or phrases in the search window, and the Livescribe Desktop will highlight every place you wrote them
in your notes. Plus, you can organize your digital notes simply by dragging and dropping pages in to
custom notebooks. Send and Share Its easy to share your notes or recordings publically or privately as
a PDF, audio file, or a pencast. What’s a pencast? A pencast is an interactive flash movie of your
handwritten notes and audio. You can publish pencasts online, share them privately via email, or post
them directly on Facebook. Applications Customize your smartpen with downloadable apps – from
dictionaries to translators, time savers, games and more. New apps are always being added to make
your smartpen even smarter. What You Get - The Echo smartpen, 8 GB of memory (actual user
available memory will be less)

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