Tips on selecting a vehicle shipping company

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					You can save time and energy if you transport your car through a professional
company to your new home. Car shippers generally provide you two options; they
either drive your car to the new destination or move it via truck to save your car the
extra mileage. Shipping cost will be based on the service you select. Most of the auto
transport companies usually offer open auto transport, enclosed shipping and door to
door auto transport or terminal-to-terminal shipping service.

When selecting an auto transport company do keep certain things on mind.

Research the company:

Make a list of auto transport companies with whom you want to ship your vehicle.
Find out if any of the companies on your list have generated any reports. You will get
any information if there are any grievances filed and if the grievances were resolved
successfully. It is not possible that a company will not have unhappy customers; the
key is to ensure that if there were complaints, in the end the customer was satisfied
with the result.

How does it work?

Most of the companies will give a rough estimate about when they will pick up your
vehicle and when it will be delivered- usually a three to five day window. Before the
company drives off your vehicle they will do a full inspection and provide you with a
report that you'll sign, too. Make sure you inspect your car and check that the report
accurately describes its present condition, including windows, internal dash, seat
condition etc. In this report you will also record mileage, gas gauge and dates for pick
up and delivery. Before the car is picked up by the shipping company, thoroughly
clean your car. Most companies won't take responsibility for any loose items left in
the vehicle. Remove tools, personal items and anything of value. When you receive
your car, inspect it carefully before signing. Note down if there are any damages or
missing items. Do check every nook and corner of the car. Refer the initial inspection
sheet. Again, this is how the insurance company will decide what is covered.


To determine the cost of shipping your vehicle, transport companies have to know
certain things. Transport Company has to know where it's being shipped to and from,
when it needs to be picked up and delivered. You have to tell them as to what type of
vehicle are being transported and additional services you might need. Note that most
of the companies require at least a down payment to secure the booking; some may
ask for the full amount upfront. Some companies may ask to payment at the time of
delivery. Be prepared to pay in full. Most companies accept major credit cards, but
make sure you ask before you book.

Before you sign the contract, ask the company if it is covered against any damage or
theft that may occur during transport.

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