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Sony ICD-SX25 Digital Voice Recorder


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Digitally record from your home or office. Sonyâs ICD-SX25 Digital Voice Recorder offers superior
quality features for all your recording needs. As the perfect addition to your business, the ICD-SX25
makes transcription easy. Transfer recordings to your PC via the USB port. Additional quality features
include a longer recording time - up to 11 hours 35 minutes. The digital voice recorder stores up to
32MB on a high capacity IC chip, so you can re-record over and over again and still maintain great
clarity. With outstanding features and a slim, compact design, the ICD-SX25 is the perfect complement
to meetings and interviews. USB Compatible for Hi-Speed Transfer Rate to a PC: Via USB port on a
PC. Compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred Voice to Print Software: Easily convert your
recorded files into text. New STLP Recording Mode: Up to 2 Hours 45 Minutes Recording Time: Offers
a longer recording time while maintaining 2-channel recording. Slim Style Design with Full Aluminum
Body: Only one-half inch thick, with Record and Pause controls located on the side of the unit for easy
operation; fits neatly into a shirt pocket. Digital Voice Up and VOR (Voice Operated Recording)
Functions: Increases the volume of the person speaking when recorded at a distance from the unit.
Digital Pitch Control: Allows recordings to be heard at slower than normal speeds without distortion to
facilitate transcribing or editing, or faster than normal to move quickly to a desired portion. Recording
Monitor Function: Allows the user to listen to the recording level by using headphone while unit is
recording. 32MB Flash Memory: Uses high capacity IC chip, which may recorded over itself and used
again and again, with distortion-free clarity. Up to 11 Hours 35 Minutes Recording Time (LP Mode) 4
Recording Modes: ST/STLP/SP/LP Playback Speaker Built-In Stereo Microphone Professional
quality sound and high-level functionality are what distinguish the ICD-SX25 Digital Voice Recorder.
Sony has designed a powerful, sleek recorder with a seamless aluminum body. The slim-style design
is only one-half inch thick, with "record" and "pause" controls located on the side of the unit for easy
operation. This tiny device fits neatly into a shirt pocket. Record grandma for an audio-genealogy or
interview a famous celebrity -- whether you're recording for personal or professional reasons, you'll be
extremely pleased. The built-in 32 MB flash memory uses a high-capacity IC chip. This technology
allows you to record over old messages again and again with distortion-free clarity. The ICD-SX25
allows you to record at different quality levels. The high-quality, two-channel STLP recording mode
allows up to 165 minutes of recording. This is perfect for recording interviews that you may want to
reproduce in digital format. If you're just taking personal audio notes, switch the voice recorder to LP
mode and take full advantage of over 11 hours of lower quality recording. The advanced digital voice
operated recording (VOR) feature actually stops recording during silent pauses, saving valuable
recording time. Thanks to the digital buffer, this intelligent machine begins recording again without
missing a single syllable. Lastly, the digital recorder comes equipped with USB connectivity for high
speed copying of files to a PC. What's in the Box
 ICD-SX25 digital voice recorder, digital voice editor software, stereo ear receiver, and USB cable.
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