Samsung SCD67 MiniDV Digital Video Camcorder with 2.5 LCD_ Picture in Picture_ _ Digital Still Capability

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  Picture, & Digital Still Capability

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Samsung is well aware of the fact that a company's future lies in the hands of the customer, thus
customer satisfaction is considered in all matters. Samsung Electronics' business philosophy stresses
providing the products that customer needs, judging them from the customers' point of view, and
satisfying customers with advanced technology and services. Under the corporate motto "creating new
lifestyles for the world", Samsung Electronics strives to create a brighter future for people.
While not known for making camcorders, Samsung has released a highly capable model in the SCD67.
The digital model has a potent 22x optical zoom paired with a digital image stabilization system. Toss
in a 2.5-inch LCD and assorted other features, and you have a winner.The 22x optical zoom of the
SCD67 is much more than adequate--many cameras top out at 10x--and enables the videographer to
shoot footage from just about any vantage point. The lens is paired with digital image stabilization. This
technology essentially reduces the amount of information used by the image sensor, effectively
creating a buffer zone that removes the minimal shaking that is associated with high zoom levels.Aside
from the 2.5-inch LCD, the SCD67 also includes intelligent backlight compensation, which means the
camcorder will adjust if you're shooting subjects with a light source shining behind them. It's not a
cure-all--it's never a good idea to shoot into the sun--but it'll help when filming stage performances and
similar situations. The kit contains a lithium-ion battery, AC adapter-charger, AV cable, and
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