JVC Everio GZ HD7 3CCD 60GB Hard Disk Drive High Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Image Stabili (PDF) by zybestsale


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  with 10x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Import)

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JVC's first HD Everio - the GZ-HD7 - has caused more than a few camcorder buyers to bide their time
in anticipation of its release. Well, the wait is finally over, and we can confidently say the GZ-HD7
delivers on some, but not all, of its promises. The focus ring is excellent, and the Focus Assist makes
dialing in crisp manual focus a breeze. In addition, a cluster of image controls on the back of the body
that includes shutter speed, aperture and exposure compensation are highly accessible and efficient.
In fact with its relatively large body, plethora of external buttons, and focus ring, the HD7 feels and
handles like a scaled-down prosumer cam. Yet we've known that this Everio would offer a high level of
manual controls since we first spent some time with the HD7. The big question has been whether the
camcorder would perform up to its billing. The HD7 records video using a new flavor of MPEG-2
compression that wanders as high as 30 Mbps in FHD ("Full HD" 1920 x 1080) mode. That led us to
wonder whether that venerable HDV format had finally met its match. As it turns out, video
performance is not the reason to buy the JVC GZ-HD7 - but it remains one of the year's most intriguing

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