"The New Biology of Health" -- The Way To Perpetual Health?

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					                "The New Biology of Health" -- The Way To Perpetual Health?

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Just what is the “New Biology of Health?” And who’s the snake oil salesperson promoting
certain products as the cure-all for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease? Does it work?
Simply put, the “New Biology of Health” is about maintaining your body’s acid/alkaline balance
or pH level. The ideal pH level, as measured by saliva, urine, or blood tests, is slightly alkaline.
Dr. Robert O. Young, cellular biologist and author of the “pH Miracle,” teaches that our
American lifestyles and diets destroy cellular health. Stress, the environment, and especially
acid foods (almost everything you eat except for certain fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts)
force your body’s cells into unhealthy, acidic states. And, the state of your cells determines
your overall health.
Basically, our lifestyles and diets make us sick, tired, and susceptible to viruses and bacteria
as well as accelerating aging. Take a look at the pharmaceutical intake of people in our culture.
It seems the number of pills you take is directly proportional to your age!
The Rebalancing Act -- Getting to the “pH Miracle”
OK, so where’s the miracle? It’s called pH balancing . . . restore your pH level to slightly
alkaline via a cleansing process, and you’re back in good health; no, the best heath of your
life. But wait, you must maintain the correct pH level, so lose the meat, eggs, sugary fruits,
desserts, dairy products, coffee, diet soda, and bread.
And, oh, by the way, drink so much water spiked with SuperGreens (grass) and pH booster
that you triple the number of daily trips to the rest room.
Is It Worth the Effort?
Why subject yourself to such a radical change? Many people will never even try rebalancing
because they may think you have to be a food nerd to alkalize. But, there are thousands of
others who swear the “alkalarian” lifestyle dramatically improves their health and enjoy a salad
for breakfast!
Let’s take a look at an example of someone who’s motivated to “get healthy” and regain that
“youthful” feeling.
Here’s a Real-Life Example
Rachael Boomher, age 55 and slightly overweight, suffered from chronic fatigue, high blood
pressure and cholesterol, elevated blood sugar, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and borderline
glaucoma. A few years ago, a routine test showed precancerous cells. Surgical intervention
“corrected” this condition. (FYI -- Rachael is an actual person, not a product of the author's
Is Rachael a typical middle-aged baby boomer? Yes, but with a major difference . . . she
believes that being sick, tired, and generally unhealthy can be changed . . . disregarding what
doctors say about her “genes” and the culture’s expectations about age-related health
Her mission – to regain and maintain her health – is an obsession. For several years, the
mission was unsuccessful. Then she discovered “Living Health.” In this CD program, Tony
Robbins, the motivational guru/crusader, describes Dr. Young’s “New Biology of Health.”
Although it sounded extreme, Rachael learned that Tony had tested it on himself and
thousands of his followers with positive results. And isn’t Tony the original energizer bunny?
Still, Rachael is a natural skeptic, so she researched Dr. Young, and found hundreds of
incredible testimonials about improvements to people’s health. She also discovered mixed
reviews of his books. It seemed that Dr. Young was viewed as either a mad scientist or a life

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               "The New Biology of Health" -- The Way To Perpetual Health?

Launching the pH Balancing Program
Deciding to try pH balancing despite the critics’ negative reviews, she eased into the program,
starting with the swamp juice (SuperGreens) and pH drops.
Over the next month, she decreased the amounts of the most acid foods in her diet . . . red
meat, sugar, pasta, dairy products, eggs, and processed foods. She added vegetables and
salads, substituted grapefruit for oranges, almond milk for cow’s milk, almond butter for peanut
butter, and filtered water for tap water.
As Rachael’s pH levels increased and her body eliminated deadly toxins, she felt more and
more energized. She actually craved alkaline foods. Note that even though the desire to
consume acidic foods diminished, she held onto a long-time daily habit of café au lait.
The 30-Day Experiment Pays Off!
Rachel’s experiment with the pH Balancing program resulted in 2 big payoffs: a major boost in
energy and the loss of more than 10 pounds with no effort. Really . . . no effort at all!
These results may seem unspectacular; but to Rachael, they represent a new beginning.
Instead of pushing herself to get through each day and then collapsing on the couch at night,
she thinks more clearly, acts more quickly, and has energy to spare for her family and hobbies.
She anticipates that key indicators such as cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure will
drop, especially if she continues to follow the program with the same level of enthusiasm she
had initially.
What the pH Miracle Means to You
If you’re weary of being sick and tired, stop blaming everyone and everything but yourself. Pity
party be gone! Discover the “New Biology of Health.” Start with the following web sites:
www.snyderhealth.com www.phmiracleliving.com
Before you decide that you cannot possibly give up your acid lifestyle, diet soda, juicy steaks,
or fast food, try pH balancing for 10 days. Not a lifetime, just 10 days. You’ll feel much better,
especially if you have health challenges like Rachael. Honestly, it’s NOT tough to grow old; we
make it tough with our diet and lifestyles.
Please be aware that at first, SuperGreens and pH drops seem a wee bit pricey. But
eventually, you may quit using prescriptions and some supplements. SuperGreens will then
seem less costly overall because you’re able to eliminate other expenses. And after all, what is
the price of perpetual youth?

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               "The New Biology of Health" -- The Way To Perpetual Health?

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