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THE VAUXHALL SIGNUM- The ‘cute’ hatch

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					The Signum churned out from the Vauxhall garage is a 5-door hatch that has started
slow in this particular segment of the automobile market. The engines are available in
2.0 turbo, 2.2 and 3.2 petrol and also the 2.2DTi and 3.0CDTi diesel engines. But still,
in this sector, the Signum is markedly a unique car that has potential to attract
prospective buyers.

The chassis of the Signum is primarily based on that of the Vauxhall Vectra, and in
spite of promising to offer something unique, it has stuck to the conventional formula.
The Signum still comes in a new shape that is innovative in terms of design and looks
with a genuinely versatile elegance. The price range of various Vauxhall Signum
models varies from 9,800 pounds to over 10,000 pounds. One of the premium features
that have been incorporated in the Signum is the facility of FlexSpace that has
provision of sliding back and forth of the outer rear pair of seats. So, there is a clear
trade off between the legroom and the luggage space. Moreover, to make the
passengers more comfortable, the seating arrangement is such that the seats are able to
recline to a thirty degree angle easily. Although Vauxhall claims that the Signum is a 5
seater, but 4 people including the driver can comfortably sit in the car. There are
provisions of flipping cushions, nice cup holders and also storage boxes.

The Vauxhall Signum boasts of overhead lockers and also 5 flock lined silicon make
stylish compartments for storing small items like cell phones and sunglass. The
insurance costs of the car are reasonable to incur due to convenient pricing policy of
Vauxhall of this genre of cars. The reliability of the Signum is undoubtedly a strong
point on its side with excellent mechanics involved in the built and the functional
aspects of the car. Moreover, as witnessed by many owners, the diesel version is
efficient enough with lots of credentials regarding its advanced features.

He general features in the interiors of the Signum are well defined and the owner and
other passengers would find them convenient to use accordingly without any hassle or
complex dynamics. It possesses a number of controls involving the steering wheel
that are adjustable in nature. Many comment that the Signum is a perfect modern car.
This can be interpreted in a way that the car is stylish as per international standards
and is being manufactured carefully with high quality materials.

The Vauxhall Signum prominently features in the list of cars that have a terrific resale
value and corresponding efficiency. It is a big and beautifully specified car with
distinct facilities all within it. It has, without a speck of doubt, the potential to be one
of the best buys among the used cars' market and gradually people are realizing this
particular fact.

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