The untold story of Goodwill s vehicle donation program by aihaozhe2


									When it comes time to donate your auto to charity, you should be getting a little bit of
understanding about where the cash is going. For the Washington, D.C. chapter, the
current emphasis is on ensuring donors know exactly where their donation dollars are
going. They want donors to understand more about the process than what meets the

So what does this mean for the Goodwill Industries chapter in D.C.? It demands a
renewed commitment to donors when you give your vehicle. At the operational end,
there is much, much more to grasp. The burning question, of course, is what happens
to the cash? You are giving away a car, and the rewards are significant for both you
and the charity. But what about the specifics?

If we are talking about what happens in D.C. regarding the funding, we must start
with the programs, both new and established, that are paid for with the money from
auto donation. Given the present state if the economy, this means employment
programs and after work programs. The list is targeted almost completely on the
community and its advancement. When the community gets better, we all benefit, so
that is what Goodwill Industries in Washington is aiming to bring about.

Out of the public eye, things are taking shape at Goodwill that you might not have
ever expected. When they ask you to donate your vehicle, it is about much more than
purely that single gift. You must understand that what you are doing is reaching out to
individuals in the entire Metro community. D.C. is bettered with every vehicle that is
donated to Goodwill, and that is the reason it is essential that you continue to give
your auto to charity.

Charity efforts are unbelievably important, especially when times get worse. Goodwill
is hoping that individuals recall that others are valuable, even when their own position
might not be the best. When you give your auto, you can aid and they will let you
know exactly where those donation dollars are spent.

Looking to make a big positive impact on your local community? Consider vehicle
donation as a means. The process of donating your vehicle is made easy when you
follow the instructions at /goodwill_donation/

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